Ph neutral wheel cleaner

Paul Dalton Wheel Cleaner

Key features of Citrus Degreaser Paul DaltonWheel cleaner Paul Dalton’s Ph neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover turns purple when in contact with iron allowing the vehicle to be cleaned until there is no more iron present within the paintwork/wheels. Iron remove/wheel cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels. Paul’s Ph …

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Gtechniq Wheel Covers

Gtechniq Wheel Covers

Key features of Gtechniq Wheel Covers This set of 4 Gtechniq wheel covers are the perfect accessory for any detailing shop. The wheel covers are made from a durable, lightweight and waterproof material. They are ideal to keep wheel protected whilst the vehicle is being detailed or in storage. Find Similar Products Visit Official Website …

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best-selling Ferrous Dueller fallout remover

Dodo Juice Deep Purple Wheel Cleaner (pH neutral) Review

Dodo Juice Deep Purple – High performance full-spectrum wheel cleaner (pH neutral) safely and effectively removes the tiny pieces of ferrous contamination that can embed itself into surfaces as well as road tar and tree sap. Targeting and removing iron fallout is essential by using a dedicated solution to dissolve it before significant damages occur …

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