Ceramic Wash & Protect features Autoglym's new shampoo-specific ceramic (Si02) technology; Makes it easy to cleanse and then dry paintwork

NEW Autoglym Ceramic Wash and Protect Review

Autoglym, a renowned UK brand in the detailing industry, introduces its new Ceramic Wash and Protect, promising a triple-action formula for car care enthusiasts. This product aims to deliver a clean, high-gloss finish while providing a protective layer. Here’s a comprehensive review: Price and Packaging:Priced at £24.99 (£17.82 Amazon) for a bottle offering up to […]

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The Autoglym All Wheel Cleaner is a pH neutral car wheel cleaner that clings to your wheel increasing contact time to effectively remove grime and other contaminants

Autoglym Wheel Cleaner – A Detailed Analysis: Thorough Review

Introduction: We recently had the opportunity to test Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner, courtesy of the detailing experts at Autoglym. Our aim was to thoroughly critique the product, evaluating both its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s our detailed analysis of this colour-changing, pH-neutral formula designed for all lacquered wheel finishes. Product Overview: Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner boasts

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autoglym hydrophobic coating

Autoglym Coat It Review

Autoglym COAT-IT Quick to Use, pressure washer applied coating for just washed, wet vehicles. Imparts a long lasting, high gloss, water repellent finish of all types of automotive paintwork, safe on rubber, plastic and glass. Coat-It Highly durable, super hydrophobic coatingFeatures Extremely quick application via pressure washer Provides a glossy, wax-like finish Excellent water repellent

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