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Wash-n-Glow – Gliptone

Key features of Wash-n-Glow Gliptone Wash-n-Glow is our premium pH-neutral car shampoo, safe for all wax finishes, and will leave no residue or water spots after use. The thick, concentrated washing solution is blended from wax beautifiers & cleaning agents. It will not damage or break down any existing wax finishes or paint sealants. For …

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Premium car shampoo wash pad

Dodo Juice Shag Pad

Key features of Deep pile microfibre wash pad The ‘Shag Pad’ from Dodo Juice is a shag-pile microfibre wash pad offering a decent-sized sponge which is covered in the same soft, synthetic microfibre found on Dodo Juice’s Fozzie Hair wash mitt. Unlike a cuffed mitt, the Shag Pad will not suffer from the same stitching …

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