Autoglym Wheel Cleaner – A Detailed Analysis: Thorough Review

The active ingredients in All Wheel Cleaner turn a deep red as they react with brake dust that may have bonded to your wheels, The iron particles are gently loosened and can be easily rinsed away to leave your wheels gleaming

Introduction: We recently had the opportunity to test Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner, courtesy of the detailing experts at Autoglym. Our aim was to thoroughly critique the product, evaluating both its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s our detailed analysis of this colour-changing, pH-neutral formula designed for all lacquered wheel finishes.

Product Overview: Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner boasts a colour-changing pH-neutral formula specifically engineered to tackle brake dust and rust on lacquered wheel finishes. Its unique colour-changing technology reacts with iron contaminants, turning them into a purple oxide that can be easily dissolved in water.
Price and Packaging: Available in a convenient one-liter spray bottle, this wheel cleaner offers ease of use for consumers, making it a suitable option for regular maintenance.

Performance and Application: Upon application, the thick gel-like consistency of the cleaner clings to the wheel surface, increasing contact time for effective cleaning. The colour-changing reaction is a noteworthy feature, providing visual confirmation of the product’s effectiveness. However, it’s crucial to avoid spraying the cleaner onto brake discs to prevent potential damage.

Comparison with Other Products: Autoglym’s wheel cleaner stands out as a versatile option suitable for various wheel types, including lacquered, painted, diamond-cut, anodized, and plastic wheel trims. While it may not be ideal for all wheel types, it offers excellent performance for most common finishes.

Effectiveness and User Experience: During our testing, we found the cleaner to be highly effective in removing embedded contaminants, resulting in noticeably cleaner wheels. Its thick consistency minimise product runoff, ensuring efficient use without excessive waste. However, thorough rinsing is recommended to remove any residual cleaner from the surface.

Final Verdict: Overall, Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner impresses with its effective cleaning performance, user-friendly application, and versatile compatibility with various wheel finishes. While it may come at a slightly higher price point compared to some alternatives, its quality and reliability make it a worthwhile investment for automotive enthusiasts seeking pristine wheel cleanliness.

In conclusion, Autoglym’s Advanced Wheel Cleaner earns our recommendation for its outstanding performance and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to any car detailing arsenal.

pH Neutral
Our Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral, making this formula safe for regular use on lacquered, painted, diamond cut, anodised and plastic wheel trims. With a light agitation, your wheels will gleam from this highly effective clean.
Colour Transform Technology
Featuring vivid colour transform technology, watch as our Advanced All Wheel Cleaner turns a deep red purple, as baked-on iron contaminants start to dissolve before your very eyes. You could say it’s wizardry, we say it’s great science.
High Cling Formula
Designed to be applied by hand, Advanced All Wheel Cleaner 1L is quick and easy to apply. With its high clinging formulation (even on vertical wheel surfaces), ensuring optimum cleaning time is a breeze.
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