perfect sealant solution that adds a deep gloss

Shimmer Hydro Coat Review

Hydro-Coat is a perfect sealant solution that adds a deep gloss shine whilst giving you months of protection from road salts, acid rain, bug, bird droppings and other contamination elements. Ideal for both a novice and a car care specialist. Hydro-coat long-lasting protection, once applied, allows for quick maintenance washes in the future whilst still

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Gliptone car products

Glipgloss – Wax-After-Wash – Gliptone

Key features of Glipgloss – Wax-After-Wash Gliptone’s Express Wax-After-Wash is a state-of-the-art formulation combining Curable Polymers, Hydrophobic Polymers, and Real Carnauba Wax. Once applied the formula will quickly shine and protect all exterior automotive surfaces.This formula can also be used as a lubricant for Gliptone’s BODY CLAY BAR or other ‘clay-type’ products on the market.

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