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11 Years Of Experience.
Enthusiast Turned Professional Turned Reviewer.

I evaluate and write reviews about a wide range of car care and detailing items that are used in Valeting and Detailing, including items: Wheel Cleaners, Shampoo, Quick Detailers, Fallout Removers, DA Polishers, Glass Cleaners, Towels, Wash Media, Waxes & Sealants and Air Blowers. If you would like to submit a product for review, please get in touch.
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** NEW FOR 2021 ** Waxed Perfection is now providing a FREE press release service, it’s as easy as write, submit and I publish. Waxed Perfection was founded in 2009, aimed at helping small, medium or large sized detailing and valeting product suppliers to optimise their online marketing strategies.

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Now, Waxed Perfection has established itself as a multi-channel press release detailing and valeting website to support press releases in an ever-growing market place. My clients cover the globe, including new start up companies and established businesses.

Detailing and Car Care Articles

Best Detailing and Car Care Blog / Clean Your Car / Wash Your Car

inspired automotive review

Ive been meaning to get these reviews done for a while for Inspired Automotive, but what with work commitments, work/ life balance and rushing around…

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ceramic quick detailer review

Diamondbrite Ceramic Glaze. Diamondbrite Ceramic Glaze will become a very popular product without doubt for that quick fix on paint protection, gloss and shine. Ceramic…

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New Car Care & Detailing Products

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ava prssure washer discount codes

AVA The Founders After 20 years of experience in providing service for major brands in the pressure washer market, we had accumulated great knowledge about…

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Check it out - Dodo Juice Refresh is here!

Looks amazing, can’t wait to try all the new products out, as a big Mr Skittles fan its great to see him on most of…

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Interview-Based Features

Learn About Online Stores, Brands, Valeters and Detailers.

automotive detailing

About Mattallics : We take a huge amount of pride in saying we’re completely and utterly mad about precision detailing and anything with an engine.…

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Mirrored by Halton

A little bit about “Mirrored by Halton” So, I first began valeting out the back of my car when I was 18 and cleaned the…

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What do I review?

Must-Haves & Detailer Top Tips


Which paint correction is best for the job?


Which car care products are best for the job?


Which chrome or metal polish is best for the job?


Which microfibre drying cloth is best for the job?


Which detailing brushes are best for the job?

The Beginners Guide to Car Detailing (Like A Pro)

The best car care tips and tutorials online.

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"Welcome to Detailing World, the home of Europe's largest community of vehicle detailing enthusiasts and the place for everything car care and valeting."
"There are few sources of online independent detailing product reviews. Forensic Detail, with all its limitations, will always aim to be one of them. Product recommendations, best of style videos, brand range reviews, machine polishing demo's, wax making guides, are still to this day at the center of what we do. There is some decent information to be had for outright beginners even through to professionals. I thought it would be a fun thing to do but its evolved beyond that and allowed me to get a much closer view of the wonderful vibrant UK detailing scene!"
Spreading good 'carma' across the vlogosphere via quality content and an incredibly polarising voice.
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What Supplies Do You Need for Car Detailing?

Essential Car Care Products Every Detailer Needs...

inspired automotive featured brand

This months featured brand:

INSPIRED AUTOMOTIVE: Looking to maintain the upkeep on your vehicle? We can help with that too. With one of the largest car care ranges on the market, and with each product being used in-house on a daily basis, we can advise, support and guide you on how to get the most from your car.