AVA Easy P57 Review High Power Compact Washer – A Year Later

Easy P57 delivers 145 bar and 500 liters of water from a three-cylinder V3 pump

Last year, I was fortunate to be among the first to lay hands on the AVA Easy P57 in April. From the moment I unboxed it, I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful design and functionality packed into this pressure washer. Now, after a year of regular use, it’s time to reflect on its performance.

First and foremost, the AVA Easy P57 comes equipped with everything a user could desire for car washing or household chores. The inclusion of a 12-meter hose, stubby gun, premium foam cannon, patio tool, and nozzle showcases the attention to detail by the AVA team. This comprehensive package ensured that I reached for this pressure washer time and time again for all my cleaning needs.

One of the standout features for me was the lightweight design, which made handling a breeze and significantly reduced strain on my back. The compact size also meant I didn’t have to lug around a bulky unit, further enhancing the user experience.

The 12-meter hose proved to be a game-changer, offering unmatched convenience compared to other models in the same price range. Its tidy setup allowed for easy storage, making it a perfect choice for those with limited space.

The trigger, designed like a stubby gun, provided excellent control and comfort during operation. While some may find the extra tightening feature unnecessary, it adds an additional layer of safety, which I appreciated.

However, not all aspects of the AVA Easy P57 were flawless. The hose reel handle, though functional, felt somewhat chunky and cumbersome during use. Reeling up the hose became a bit of a chore, especially compared to models with more ergonomic designs like the Evo range.

Additionally, I noticed some issues with the hose kinking up more than usual in colder conditions. While not a deal-breaker, it’s worth noting for users in regions with harsh winters to take extra precautions in storage to prevent damage.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the AVA Easy P57 has proven to be a reliable workhorse over the past year. I’ve encountered no blown fuses or leaks, a testament to its durability and build quality.

As AVA continues to refine its offerings, newer versions of the P57 promise even more reliability and improved performance.

However, based on my experience with the current model, I can confidently say that it stands out as one of the best pressure washers I’ve used.

In conclusion, the AVA Easy P57 delivers on its promise of convenience, functionality, and reliability, making it a worthy investment for any cleaning enthusiast. Whether you’re washing your car or tackling household chores, this pressure washer is sure to exceed your expectations.

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