Shimmer Hydro Coat Review

giving you months of protection

Hydro-Coat is a perfect sealant solution that adds a deep gloss shine whilst giving you months of protection from road salts, acid rain, bug, bird droppings and other contamination elements. Ideal for both a novice and a car care specialist.

Hydro-coat long-lasting protection, once applied, allows for quick maintenance washes in the future whilst still having a deep gloss shine every time you finish, making your car cleaning efficient. It can be used on all paints, plastics, wheels and wheel arches, creating a glossy film that leaves all contamination on the surface level, reducing the risk of damaging your paintwork through scratches or swirling when cleaning.

Due to the long protection Hydro-Coat will last you a very long time as this only needs to be applied once every two months. With the assistance of using our Spray wax as a weekly top, your car will always have a deep gloss look, and the paintwork will always remain immaculate.

What we say:

Shimmer Hydro-Coat liquid spray sealant. It can be applied to paintwork, lights, plastics and glass, making it very versatile. It is super easy to use and doesn’t require an intensive panel wipe down before application. As always, for best results decontaminate, clay and polish the paint prior to application.

Apply a couple of sprays per panel, spread for an even coverage then buff off to a high gloss with a microfibre towel. I tested this on a 2018 Corsa, daily driven vehicle that is kept outside. A single layer was applied and the gloss and slickness were impressive. It has now had 2 months of typical UK summer/winter weather, with regular weekly shampoo washes, and is performing superb – the gloss and water beading are still incredibly strong.

giving you months of protection
giving you months of protection
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