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Autoglym Coat It Review

Autoglym COAT-IT

Quick to Use, pressure washer applied coating for just washed, wet vehicles.

Imparts a long lasting, high gloss, water repellent finish of all types of automotive paintwork, safe on rubber, plastic and glass.

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Highly durable, super hydrophobic coating

  • Extremely quick application via pressure washer
  • Provides a glossy, wax-like finish
  • Excellent water repellent properties
  • Durable finish lasts for weeks


People also ask:

Is Coat It the same as Polar Seal By Autoglym?
This is the same fluid as sold as Polar Seal in the 1L container, just in the Pro range its called Coat-It and sold in 5ltrs or more.

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Fifty years of continuous innovation across a range of products meticulously designed for a lasting shine. Tag your real life results #autoglym.

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Benefits: Effortless pressure wash application speeds up valeting & detailing process, Wax like finish provides visual reassurance that protection is in place, Water repellency vastly reduces vehicle drying time and reduces number of drying towels required, Protects vehicle paintwork to make future cleaning easier

Autoglym Coat-it,is basically a hydrophobic coating that can be applied directly to a wet car after the shampoo stage is done. Whilst I love spending time cleaning my car and doing reviews, sometimes it not as easy to justify 4 or 5 hours of thorough cleaning instead of family time etc.. So, if like me your looking for a sort of time quick weekend solution fix, it seems that Coat-it is what we need.

Polar Seal and Coat-It are identical. No change whatsoever. One formulation, one name for retail, one for Trade.