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Wash-n-Glow – Gliptone

Key features of Wash-n-Glow Gliptone Wash-n-Glow is our premium pH-neutral car shampoo, safe for all wax finishes, and will leave no residue or water spots after use. The thick, concentrated washing solution is blended from wax beautifiers & cleaning agents. It will not damage or break down any existing wax finishes or paint sealants. For

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Gtechniq Bike Ceramic

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic

Key features of Gtechniq Bike Ceramic Why use Gtechniq Bike Ceramic? Bike Ceramic has been formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects such as brake dust, road grime and mud. It offers up to 24 months of protection and can be applied to all types of finishes including paint protection films and vinyl. Bike Ceramic

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