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Sprayable Graphene infused Ceramic Coating.

THOR is our state of the art Sprayable Graphene infused Ceramic Coating. Easy to apply, (spray on and wipe off) Thor has been developed to be the leading chemical and scratch resistant paintwork coating currently available on the market.

THOR bonds to your car’s paintwork and wheels at molecular level and creates a sacrificial barrier between the road conditions and your delicate paintwork/wheels repelling dirt and grime for ease of maintenance whilst offering outstanding protection and gloss.

Key Benefits

Easy on Easy off application
Enhances colour depth with mirror shine
Creates a super hydrophobic barrier that repels contaminants on contact
Ensures routine washing of the vehicle is easier and less time consuming
High UV and Chemical Resistance
Suitable for paint, wrap, wheels, lights, plastic trim and carbon fibre
Air dried in 1h, fully cured in 12h
Second coat (recommended) can be applied after 2h of initial application if required offering maximum durability
100ml Bottle will coat 3-4 Cars depending on size and coats desired
Can also be applied over an existing ceramic or graphene coating

Technical Specification

Hardness – 10h
Chemical resistance ( pH ) 2-13
Water contact angle – 120º
Thickness 1-2 microns
Durability 12 months – can be layered for extended protection