Solution 61 Luxury Car Care – Interview

About Solution 61

Solution 61 Ltd was opened in mid 2020 & is a family run business. We had a vision of setting the business up to offer customers an alternative brand that works for them, wether it be one of our products or the whole range.
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Luxury affordable car care, easy to use and professional results
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detailing and valeting products
“Solution 61 Luxury Car Care is a new family run business offering a wide variety of cost effective car cleaning products for amateurs & professionals alike.”

Solution 61 Car Care

We believe we have something for everyone from the weekend warriors up to the professional detailers. We have a Solution.

Social media is a key part of our business to stay in contact with customers, show them new products and boast about our 100% 5 Star Reviews. Its also a quick and easy contact platform where we can ask questions and actually talk to customers in the day, evening & night.

I’m always asked which is my favourite product but in all honesty, I don’t have one. I love each and everyone of our products as they excel in performance & are cost effective. Take our shampoo for instance, It’s £8 for 500ml & has a mix ratio of 2000:1 enabling the customer to get 1000L of shampoo! I told you we have the Solution.

Ryan Sayer
Managing Director
Solution 61 Ltd

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