Klin Korea Wash Mitt Review

Use a luxury microfibre wash mitt with an ultra-soft pile to safely wash your vehicle without incurring swirl marks.

I’ve been using KLIN Korea wash mitts now for almost 1 year! Priced at £12.95 per mitt I would say that for my intended usage purpose it is the perfect mitt, compared to others such as the wool mitt. The dual wash mitt is very durable and a lot easier to grip as compared to the GTECHNIQ mitt. The small fibres make it very effortless to remove dirt from panels.

* Very durable.
* Priced competitively.
* Effortlessly removes dirt.
* Hand slot is very comfortable.

* None.


They are both very similar mitts in design, but one difference in design would be the hand slot, which in the KLIN Korea mitt is a lot better and more comfortable.


For the capability to remove dirt yes, and also a lot more durable than a wool mitt.


100% can vouch for these mitts.

RATING : 8.5/10


Product specifications

The Klin Korea Wash Mitt is a loose strand microfibre wash mitt on a 14mm foam backing giving extra absorbtion abilities, with an elastic cuff and sticthed in finger slots.

Klin Korea

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Excellent: The best washmitt I've ever use and I've used some different washmitts but this one is excellent

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