ODK Encore Interior Cleaner Review

ODK Encore Interior Cleaner Review.

The best thing about ODK Encore is the finish that it gives all surfaces. It doesn’t make things too shiny. Instead it leaves the interior with a nice clean look, with a refreshing scent but without all the shine and sparkle of silicone. We like that alot!

It cleans all surfaces very well, just like you would expect from a ODK product. The product dries completely, leaving no greasy substance behind, but don’t be fooled. Even though it’s not greasy and it’s not shiny, it still leaves things a little slippery like most interior cleaners do. So be careful with things like steering wheels and pedals.

This is another product that scores high for its scent from ODK, its truly refreshing. It appears that high consideration has been given to improve the odour of the cleaner making it morish to use. Sadly like most cleaners, it doesn’t seem to linger after the product has completely dried, but it’s so good while you are using it.

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Encore is an all purpose interior cleaner suitable for all surfaces inside your vehicle, from fabric to plastic. Encore contains strong biocides that will help kill and remove mould, odour and bacteria from the inside of your vehicle. Use neat or can be diluted up to 5:1. Once dry you may wish to use ODK Cabin – Interior Dressing.

The ODK brand launched in 2013 with one main goal. To create a small range of products that were unique in their development, usability and performance with a realistic and honest price point.
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ODK Encore Interior Cleaner is also a must have for fabric seats. With a little patience it will clean most stains off of most fabric seats. The only problem is that it removed the stain so well that it exposed how dirty the rest of the seat actually was.

ODK Interior Cleaner works fine on all surfaces, but excels on fabric, leather, and vinyl. I’d try to keep it away from windows and navigation screens, it tends to leave behind a film on them and the streaks are a pain to remove.

As above this product has a nice odour, kind of like sherbet. The manufacturer claims that it contains strong biocides that will help kill and remove mould, odour and bacteria from the inside of your vehicle, which is great for food spills and smoke odour.

Our Score
Our Score 9.3 / 10
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