ODK Solo Silica Sealant Review

ODK Solo Silica Sealant Review.

ODK Solo Silica Sealant is a cross between a spray sealant and quick detailer. It offers durable protection in a quick and easy spray and wipe. It’s perfect for coated cars, but also great as a stand alone protection product.

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Solo is a Silica Sealant that leaves unbelievable slickness and gloss whilst laying down a durable, protective layer. Solo can be used as a standalone product giving around 3-4 months protection (depending on usage, weather and paintwork preparation). It can also be used on top of Ceramic coatings, Waxes and even Gloss PPF. Solo is so easy to use and delivers the ultimate finish every time.

The ODK brand launched in 2013 with one main goal. To create a small range of products that were unique in their development, usability and performance with a realistic and honest price point.
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ODK Solo Silica Sealant adds a high gloss shine, we found it can be used on almost all exterior surfaces (including glass and rubber), and it has “transparent polymers that enhance metallic paintwork”. You may know the last statement as “flake pop”.  We also found it can be used to clean light dust or dirt off a surface.

First, ODK Solo Silica Sealant is like a milky white colour and smells amazing. Its probably one of the most unique smelling spray sealants out there IMHO.

Second, ODK Solo Silica Sealant applies like a dream. There is no haze, no streaks, or no “re-buffing” required. Basically, you spray it on to the paint and spread it out. It almost instantaneously starts to “flash” or disappear and melt into the paint. I used it today in direct sun on paint and glass and could not get it to streak – even if trying.

The best towel I find to apply this product with is a 16×24″ waffle weave on clean paint. Only one towel will be required to do the whole car. The product applies just as easily no matter if you spray it onto the paint or spray it onto the towel first and apply it that way. With ODK Solo Silica Sealant, you merely have to spread the product out and it disappears. You shouldn’t even have to flip your towel to the “dry side” to buff any residue off, as there isn’t any residue.

ODK Solo Silica Sealant leaves the paintwork with a very slick anti-static feel. It’s hard to explain, but your bare hand just feels good moving across a panel coated with ODK Solo Silica Sealant. It does leave a nice shine/gloss on the paintwork as well. ODK Solo Silica Sealant also performs flawlessly as a drying aid under even the sunniest or most humid conditions.

We have to say, if we was detailing as a business, we are pretty sure we would be buying ODK Solo Silica Sealant. It not only looks great and is super easy to use in all conditions, for under £20 it’s priced pretty fairly. There aren’t many products out there that work this good and are this easy for a final wipedown to add a little pop to the surface. This may be ODK Waxes most successful product. I have also used this product on top of Dodo Juice Lime Critical Finish. The combo looks great.

Our Score
Our Score 9.2 / 10
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