Graphene Infused Shampoo Review

During the normal Sunday wash I was able to take a behind the scenes look at the new Graphene Shampoo from OCDFinish.

OCD Finish Infused Shampoo is a Graphene infused shampoo. It’s a dark grey shampoo with a fairly thin consistency, loads of suds, mega slick with loads of glide and a fresh clean aroma. The look and feel of the product shout high-quality with months of development if not years, and it possesses all of the characteristics of a premium shampoo!

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Using Graphene Infused Shampoo

It blows my mind that graphene is now being introduced to the wash process at an affordable price. This is certainly a shampoo with long term protection in-mind!

OCD Graphene Shampoo should be used to maintain and top up protection on cars that have received a Si02 or a Graphene treatment.

Equally, it can be used to add some protection to an otherwise unprotected car.

Graphene Car Shampoo is developed to help prolong the life of your ceramic coating OCD FINSIH
SiO2/Graphene Car Shampoo is developed to help prolong the life of your ceramic coating

The main feature is the Graphene properties, designed to complement the other products in the OCD Finish range. Once you’ve applied the Abyss Graphene Spray Protection, the shampoo should be used in subsequent washes to maintain existing protection. It does this by gently removing loose contamination and topping up the ceramic protection on the paintwork.

For use on cars with little to protection, I recommended a direct mitt application. This means applying the product directly to a clean, wet wash mitt before working it into the surface of the paint. As you’re using a higher concentration of the product by not diluting it in a bucket of water you’re going to increase the protection on the paint.

This is a shampoo that focuses on protection, so unlike others expect to see lots of suds.

While offering a crazy amount of suds, the shampoo feels super slick between the washmitt and the paintwork,  while all the time offering a convincing amount of lubrication to ensure that the loose contamination is safely removed from the surface of the paint.

This is not a shampoo you’d want to use for a deep clean or removal of heavy contamination – it simply does not offer the bite that a dedicated cleaning shampoo does. However, it does serve as a great shampoo for regular maintenance washes on a well-kept vehicle.

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