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Let’s Talk Graphene :

OCD Finish Abyss The All New Quick Detailer has a unique formula which contains Graphene.

OCDfinish Graphene Spray Wax

Graphene (/ˈɡræfiːn/) is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice.

OCDfinish Graphene Spray Wax SiO2

Here at OCDFinsih we are leading the way, using emerging technologies and innovative techniques to change how water and dirt behaves on your vehicle, leaving you with an ultimate shine from your paint work and helping your vehicle stay clean for longer

OCDfinish Graphene QD Spray Wax SiO2

With its enhanced water dispersion Abyss uses the strongest nanomaterial known to mankind! Its one atom thick and harder than diamonds, specififily designed for durability, and extreme gloss lasting from 3 weeks up to 6 months depending on surface preparation and wash routine

OCDfinish Graphene Quick Detailer Spray Wax SiO2

Abyss is a water based detailer that can be applied wet or dry on all exterior painted surfaces and glass. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with our premium divergence SiO2 wax for an enhanced deep shine

OCDfinish Graphene Quick Detailer Spray Wax SiO2

Spray Abyss lightly over the surface of your vehicle one panel at a time. Approximately two to three sprays per panel should be adequate to cover an average sized car panel. Spread the product using a clean microfiber towel.

Buff the product off the panel using an additional clean microfiber towel (we recommended a plash one) until the surface feels slick.

Allow at least an hour before spraying with any water on the vehicle, for the product to fully cure on the surface. It will be completely bonded within 24 hours.

What We Say
OCDFinish Graphene Quick Detailer is a top quality spray sealant that intensifies surface gloss, enhances surface slickness and protection when used on a regular basis. The incremental addition of graphene protection over time makes washing and drying even easier, and prolongs the life of underlying protective layers almost indefinitely.

While absolutely the best choice for maintaining and rejuvenating the finish produced by OCDFinish, it can also be used on surfaces protected with any of the other polymer-based or Graphene sealants.