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Purifier Shampoo: a highly concentrated, wax and eco-friendly car shampoo which provides outstanding cleaning power against tough road dirt and grime, whilst still being gentle enough not to strip any previously applied waxes or sealers. This shampoo effectively breaks the bond between dirt, road grime and contamination from the underlying substrate. Because the Purifier Shampoo completed all the work for you, minimal effort is required to achieve a meticulous and safe wash. Features include a sweet a wrap safe formulation, eco-friendly ratios at around 20ml / 20L and a sweet Mango scent.

mattallics detailing car cleaning products

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Extract Upholstery & Leather Cleaner: Extract Upholstery & Leather Cleaner, you can dive that little bit further and get your deep clean on! This product will effortlessly remove and soiled areas from within the cabin of your car. Carpets, leather, upholstery, vinyl and much more. Liberally spray Mattallics Detailing Extract Upholstery & Leather Cleaner onto affected areas or directly onto the applicator and allow to settle for a few seconds. Agitate with Mattallics Detailing Upholstery Brush or drill / DA Polisher Brush. Once dirt and contamination have been extracted, wipe down the remains with a microfiber towel or suitable wet/vac and inhale the refreshing apple mint fragrance!

mattallics detailing car cleaning products detailing

Hydro-Eclipse Paint Sealant: Providing the surface with maximum gloss, beading and durability whilst using its hydrophobic guard in order to protect the cars surface from the harsh elements. For continued results, Mattallics Hydro Eclipse Paint Sealant can be layered with a gap of around 12 hours or you can add the sealant to fresh water at a ratio of 1:40 and make a very practical top-up spray sealant to be used after washing. This will extend the life of Hydro Eclipse. This product can be used on all exterior surfaces including paint, plastics, alloys, glass and rubbers. You would be expected to see 4+ months of protection from a properly maintained vehicle.

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Tolerance Tyre Dressing: A state of the art formula which has been developed to produce the longest-yet-finest warm glow your tyre walls deserve. Tolerance Tyre Dressing will provide your tyres with outstanding protection properties that will survive the test of time. The quick and simple method of application beats the rest whilst simultaneously protecting the tyres from cracking and fading. Per tyre, you’ll only need to apply 2-3 small drops onto your Applicator Pad and spread consistently and sparingly, then allow to cure. If Tolerance Tyre Dressing is over-applied, wipe down residue with a clean microfiber towel/applicator pad to decrease product. Another eco-friendly formulation as this Tyre Dressing will typically last for months or even years in ones detailing armoury!