Bilthamber Trace-Less Super Wetting Glass Cleaner Review

non-abrasive surfactants and cleaners tackle greasy and dry particulate dirt

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Bilt-Hamber TRACE-LESS Glass Cleaner, and I must say, it left me thoroughly impressed with its groundbreaking technology and innovative approach to glass cleaning.

Unlike traditional glass cleaners that often leave behind residues, streaking, and smearing, Bilt-Hamber Laboratories has introduced a product that utilises unique super-wetting, 100% evaporating surfactants. These special surfactants ensure a trace-less finish, eliminating the stubborn streaks and smears that can mar the cleanliness of glass surfaces.

One notable feature of TRACE-LESS is its instant wetting action on glass surfaces. Unlike competing products that tend to run quickly from vertical surfaces, this cleaner ensures uniform application with minimal product runoff. The powerful non-abrasive surfactants effectively tackle both greasy and dry particulate dirt, surpassing the performance of other products in the market.

What sets TRACE-LESS apart is its compatibility with sensitive materials such as aluminum and its ability to clean without damaging quality glass sealants or rain repellents. This cleaner does not leave a hydrophobic coating, making it suitable for use on tinted glass, mirrors, spectacles, and hard glazed surfaces.

The application of TRACE-LESS is straightforward. For exterior glass, a fine mist is sprayed on the surface and wiped off while still wet, using a lint-free cloth. For maximum smear-free results, a second application can be buffed dry with a suede microfibre cloth. The product is versatile, suitable for use on interior and exterior glass, acrylic, infotainment screens, and more.

For interior glass and screens, the spray can be applied directly to a microfibre cloth to avoid overspray. The two-step process involving a waffle weave microfibre cloth followed by a suede microfibre cloth ensures a high degree of finish.

It’s worth noting that TRACE-LESS should be used on cool surfaces, out of direct sunlight. In case of stubborn residues or marks, a preliminary step with a good quality glass polish is recommended.

In conclusion, Bilt-Hamber TRACE-LESS Glass Cleaner stands out as a game-changer in the world of glass cleaning. Its advanced formula, combined with user-friendly application instructions, makes it a top choice for those seeking a truly effective and residue-free solution. I highly recommend this product for both automotive and household glass cleaning needs.

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