Ginour Duel Action Car Polisher for Car Detailing Review

Honest Review Of The Ginour 6” Random Orbit Polisher! Lots of Cool Features and Very Affordable!

Looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly car polisher that doesn’t break the bank? Enter the Ginour Dual Action Car Polisher. While it may not boast the prestige of Rupes or Flex polishers, this tool is a gem for occasional users and first-timers alike.

Powered by a 7.5A 900W motor, the Ginour polisher offers stable speed and lower noise, ensuring a smooth, swirl-free polishing experience. Its random-orbit action minimises damage such as machine tracks and burn marks, making it ideal for polishing, waxing, buffering, and removing paint defects and oxidation.

What sets this polisher apart is its versatility. With 6 variable speed settings ranging from 2,000 to 6,553 rpm, you can adjust the speed according to your specific application. Whether you’re waxing, buffing, polishing, or tackling tough paint defects, this polisher has you covered.

Ergonomically designed with two different handles (D-handle and side handle), the Ginour polisher meets higher operational requirements with ease. It comes with two 6-inch foam pads—a yellow one for smooth polishing and a black one for fine waxing and polishing—ensuring professional-grade results.

The humanised design extends to its accessories, with a convenient packing bag included for easy storage and dust protection, prolonging the polisher’s service life.

However, there are a few caveats to consider. The polisher cannot rotate when excessive pressure is applied, but fear not—this feature protects your car paint finish from damage. A quick safety inspection before use can ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, attention to the state of your polishing pads is crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

In the package, you receive the Ginour Random Orbital Polisher, a backing plate, five 6-inch foam pads, a D-handle, a side handle, a hex wrench, two carbon brushes, a packing bag, and a user manual. Plus, with a 24month warranty and top-notch customer service, Ginour stands by its product.

In summary, while it may not be the fanciest polisher on the market, the Ginour Dual Action Car Polisher is a solid choice for those seeking affordability and functionality. With its professional-grade results and user-friendly design, it’s a must-have for the occasional user and first-time polisher.

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