Ultimaxx Waxeramic Review

Ultimaxx Infused Ceramic Wax Review

One product that is getting a lot of attention online over the last couple of months is a new release by Ultimaxx, what they are calling their “Waxeramic Infused Ceramic Wax“.

I must admit when I initially read about it and saw the name, I was immediately sceptical. On first impressions, this just looks like a normal Car Wax Product and doesn’t look like a typical Ceramic Coating product in a little glass jar with professional application product printed all over the label.

Seeing the words Ceramic and Wax used in the same description had me questioning what the hell this product is supposed to be? “Ceramic” is a big buzz word in the detailing world at the moment, so I assume this is Ultimaxx’s attempt to capitalise on that and release a consumer-focused product that is easy to use for someone of any level of experience. I must admit this is a great marketing move by the company. Before I looked into it any further, my guess was this product would be similar to some hybrid wax ( Si02 or PTFE based ) already on the market such as Shield by Swissvax, Soft99 Kiwami Extreme Gloss Hybrid Wax, Mitchell and King Fortitude or Auto Finesse Fusion etc.

Waxeramic is phenomenal wax

Ultimaxx Waxeramic is phenomenal wax with extremely good durability and awesome gloss levels.

Exceptional water behaviour

What is Ultimaxx Infused Ceramic Wax?

According to Ultimaxx themselves:

Ultimaxx Waxeramic is a phenomenal wax with extremely good durability and awesome gloss levels.

Ulitimaxx Waxeramic can be layered after 1 hour. It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre and also on the side windows of your vehicle.

Always use Ultimaxx Panel Prep prior to application of Waxeramic.


6 Months minimum durability

Delightful Almond odour

Exceptional water behaviour Extremely economical

For use by Professionals and Enthusiasts alike



Painted Plastics

Magnesium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)

Titanium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)

Carbon Fibre GRP

Alloy Wheels

Glass (Side Windows)


Apply Ulitmaxx Panel Prep prior to use. Apply Ultimaxx Waxeramic to the desired surface with a thin light coating. Apply a second layer after 1 hour for maximum results. Buff off the surface using a clean folded Ulitmaxx microfibre cloth. Turn the Ultimaxx microfibre cloth frequently thus ensuring the optimal results. Ultimaxx Ceramics recommends using 2 clean Ultimaxx microfibre cloths per vehicle.

Ultimaxx Waxeramic to the desired surface with a thin light coating

Precautions Please ensure when applying Ultimaxx Waxeramic that you wear Nitrile Gloves, taking care not to ingest any of the product. DO NOT apply in extreme heat conditions above 32°C. Please store Ultimaxx Waxeramic safely away from children.

Their description does not give any clues as to what is actually in this product or what this “infused wax” is.

Recent developments in automotive-detailing technology feature the use of silica-based sealants (i.e. silicone-dioxide or SiO2). These sealants act differently than an old-school wax, as they bond with the painted surface to which it’s applied.

Once they’re applied and have cured, silica-based sealants are extremely resistant to water, soap, and of course, environmental pollutants.

This is because they bond with the painted surface. This Ultimaxx Waxeramic product is a Si02 infused wax at an educated guess.

I am guessing they are using the term “Ceramic Wax” to appeal to the average consumer because that is a term that they would be familiar with. Also, because it contains the word “Ceramic” in the name, it should not be confused as a replacement for real ceramic coating Like CarPro or Gtechniq.

I have seen this confuse a few beginners’ already with-in Facebook groups. Just because it has ceramic properties (e.g. the water behaviour & long durability), it does not mean it is a true ceramic product. There seems to be a growing market for these “Ceramic or Graphene” infused products. Before I made any judgement on this new product by Ultimaxx, I decided I would reach out and test it for myself.

Ultimaxx Ceramics Car Wax Review

Ultimaxx Waxeramic Wax Application

How To:

Ultimaxx Waxeramic can be used as your main source of protection, but Ultimaxx also suggests using it in addition to your favourite Ulitimaxx Si02 infused Shampoo, or even on top of a true ceramic coating. (LSP Layer)

This means you don’t need to worry about stripping your car of any old sealant or wax before you apply, and that Waxeramic should be compatible with anything you may already have on there.

However – you should make sure your car is freshly cleaned and have no contamination before applying the product (Seems like common sense, but it is worth saying it anyway).

Waxeramic: Application Method

#1 – INITIAL APPLICATION / FOUNDATION LAYER: For the first time using Waxeramic, Ultimaxx recommend establishing a “Foundation Layer.” Waxeramic is simply applied in the same style as any carnauba car wax.

After washing the vehicle thoroughly and drying, applying Waxeramic is easy.

Once you have ensured good coverage of the product per panel (you do not need to go overboard with the application, more does not necessarily mean better). You can take a quality microfibre towel and begin to buff the panels as you go.

I would then recommend that you take a second clean microfibre towel for the final wipe down. This will ensure there is no product left to dry on the car that you have may missed, this could cause unwanted streaking.

This initial “Wax as you go” application method helps to get Waxeramic good coverage on the paint/clear coat. This method will make sure that ample product is applied to the surface so that subsequent uses have a nice even, level layer to adhere to.

Yes, it is that easy to apply.

Ulitimaxx Waxeramic

Final Thoughts

I must say I am initially impressed with this product, especially the ease of application. You can add some nice protection to your car in less than 60 minutes in total. This is going to appeal to the mass market of “Enthusiasts” who don’t want to spend ages applying true ceramic liquid to their car and making a hash of it.

To be honest, something like Ultimaxx Waxeramic is going to outperform some of the mainstream waxes.

Above is a photo of the water behaviour on the car after I had applied the Ultimaxx Waxeramic product.

You can easily see that this product is repelling water like crazy. I am sure this is going to result in some nice water beading the next time it rains. I was also impressed at the glossy appearance that was left behind after the initial application.

It was noticeable and the surface of the car was left with a nice slick feeling to it.

How long Does it Last?

Time will tell how long this product lasts on my car. I will update this post when I have spent more time with it, and see how the longevity compares to some of the other products on the market. I am hoping to see at least 6 months minimum durability from the product like the website states. (This is the minimum I would expect from Si02 products).


Now that I have spent some proper time with this product, I feel that I can give some proper feedback on its performance. The longevity of Ultimaxx Waxeramic is about what I expected. It seems to be right around the 6-month mark where I can notice the protection on the paint dropping off from one application, and the water doesn’t bead as well. However, it is still there to some degree. Also washing the car with the Si02 Shampoo did rejuvenate the beading for short periods of time.

Ultimaxx Waxeramic – Worth it?

Overall, I was impressed with the product – I would happily recommend it to people looking to try it out. The ease of use means that anyone at ANY experience level can jump in and start using it, which is a big plus for me.

Ultimaxx Waxeramic – Where to Buy?

If you want to try Ultimaxx Waxeramic – Please consider purchasing it through there wesbite or my Amazon Link HERE. This helps me keep this blog up and running.

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