Duel Auto Care Assault – Pre-wash Snow Foam

Assault pre-wash snow foam review

Key features of Assault – Pre-wash Snow Foam

Assault – Pre-wash Snow Foam arrived and a good quality bottle with all the instructions clearly labelled. The scent was acceptable.

What Duel Say?
Assault pre-wash snow foam is specially formulated with high-intensity cleaning power and long dwell times that create the perfect pre-wash product for heavy road grime, without causing harm to existing protection.

Super foamy
Great cleaning power
Long dwell times
Safe on wax & sealants
Apple scent

100ml into your snow foam lance bottle
Add 400ml of water
Apply to the entire vehicle exterior
Agitate with Duel detailing brush where needed
Allow to dwell and rinse with jet wash

How We Used It
As is standard for me I opted to go with 100ml of product in my bottle and filled the rest with cold water.
The car was then rinsed with the power washer and the snowfoam applied.

Assault applied better than my previous one and seemed on first impression to cling to the car better too.

After 6 minutes the foam was still hanging around

The car was then rinsed with the power washer and the results inspected, with all the light dust and traffic film removed ready for the main wash.

Price Point:
Assault is available from Duel and is currently listed in 500ml, 1ltr & 5ltr sizes. This is priced (prior to P&P and any discounts) at from £8.95

Would we use this again?
This is a resounding yes. I’m needing to purchase some new snow foam and this is right up there now.

Final Thoughts:
A very impressive snow foam with good dwell time, it went on easy did it’s job and removed most of the build up which was on the car at the time.

Best snow foam
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