Mile Deep Cleanse Shampoo Review

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Key features of Mile Deep Cleanse

Mile Deep Cleanse Concentrated Ph-Neutral Shampoo

What Mile Deep Say:

Mile Deep CLEANSE is a highly concentrated high-performance pH-Neutral Shampoo, developed to be a highly potent cleaner with enough lubricity to help your mitt gently slide over the vehicle’s surfaces. Using Mile Deep CLEANSE at your contact wash stage will give you fantastic cleaning results with ease, cutting through dirt and lifting it away from the surface whilst being kind to the surface below and any coatings and L.S.P there may be.

What We Say:

CLEANSE is a natural solution with no unnecessary colourings, with a mild chocolate orange scent as far as we could tell. It has a unique blend of cleaning surfactants, wetting agents and all the time being wax, sealant and ceramic safe. It is concentrated with the manufacturers recommending 1:80 parts water: heavy soiling, 1:200 parts water: medium soiling, 1:400 parts water: light soiling, although as usual feel free to experiment with dilution ratios to suit your own particular preferences and situation. It foams well, has noticeable lubricity, has decent cleaning power, and smells fantastic when agitated under the wash-mitt!

A great maintenance shampoo that refreshes the finish with just a wash.

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