Duel Auto Care Nitty Gritty All Purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner

Key features of Nitty Gritty – Pre Wash & Degreaser

Duel Auto Care Nitty Grity, All Purpose Cleaner makes it easy to keep cars looking spotless.

One Product Can Do-It-All for Enthusiasts Or Detailer

If you are tired of using multiple products to clean the various interior and exterior parts of your car, Duel Auto Care is a new name in car care, but are very proud to announce Nitty Gritty All Purpose Cleaner that can literally be used for wheel wells, engines, tyres, vinyl, rubber, chrome and carpet – inside and out.

This spray-and-wipe formula is solvent-free and free of harmful dyes. It delivers best-in-class cleaning qualities capable of disintegrating grime, grease and road film while being gentle enough to use on carpet and fabrics.

In addition to any and all vehicles, Duel’s APC can be used on a variety of other vehicles including motorcycles, jet-ski’s, boats and any other horse-powered modes of transportation. Simply spray the surface, and either wipe or rinse the grime away.

Easy to Use:
Shake Well. Apply on a cool surface in the shade.(Whenever working on any fabric, always test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area) .Do not use on uncoated Aluminium., old uncoated leather, clear plastics or touch screens

1. Spray the product directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
2. Allow the product to penetrate for 30 Seconds. (Optional step: if needed agitate with a brush)
3. Wipe or rinse off grime

We trailed it on the following areas:
Interior plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Wheel Arch Liners and Tyres

The product was first used on a rather neglected leather interior with matching leather upholstery and interior light grey trims. The product was applied as directed and left to dwell for approximately 30 seconds and then wiped off with a damp plush microfiber towel and finally wiped over with a dry plush microfiber towel. The product had easily cleaned the grained and stitched surface to as new.

The product was then tested on tyres and wheel arch liners. The product was sprayed onto the surfaces and left to dwell for 1 minute and washed off with a pressure washer. The surfaces were dried and again the results were equally as impressive as those acheived on the interior.

A very good all purpose cleaner with endless uses that produces exceptional results with little or no effort. A simple spray on and wipe off application is really all that is needed to clean and restore previously neglected surfaces. Heavily soiled exterior parts are as easily cleaned as interior upholstery and trims. Leaves cleaned surfaces ready for an application of your favourite dressing or protective coating.

Its worth noting that the trigger spray has a twist on and off nozzle.

Overall a very good APC and well worth a try.

Breaks down oil and grease
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