Ultimaxx Slick Wash Hyper Concentrated Shampoo

Ultimaxx Shampoo Review

I had recently just run out of my current car shampoo and needed to pick up a new product to try.

Having recently been really impressed by a product by Ultimaxx (Waxeramic), I decided to take a look at what types of shampoo they had on offer. One that caught my eye straight away was their Shampoo called Slick Wash.

I have read about this product before and heard some positive things, so I decided to give it a try. I have previously been using Infusion Si02 Shampoo by OCD Finish, and it has always been reliable – but it’s always good to try something new.


best slick car shampoo review
Ultimaxx Slick Wash is a hyper concentrated automotive PH Blanced shampoo, with lubrication agents to leave an ultra-slick feel and finish to your paintwork and surfaces

A good car shampoo is a fundamental pillar of any car cleaning process so getting the right shampoo for the job is crucial. Whether it’s a full detail or quick maintenance wash, if you get the shampoo right then you’ll be on your way to a great finish.

It’s easy to assume that all car shampoos are the same. They often serve the same primary purpose of cleaning the paint by removing contamination. However, different shampoos often contain different elements which will change their behaviour or effect on the paintwork – hence why it’s important to use the best car shampoo for the job.

best car care shampoo review

Ultimaxx Slick Wash Car Shampoo
High-quality shampoo offering all-round excellent performance, wash-safety and economy.

Plus Points:
Great foaming ability
Impressive lubrication creates a slick feel
pH neutral provides a gentle wash
Helps to maintain existing ceramics / waxes / sealants / coatings
High concentration promotes an economical dilution ratio
Fantastic fragrance

Down Sides:
None that I could find

Whilst many car cleaning manufacturers have a range of various car shampoo, Ultimaxx has focused on perfecting a single shampoo product – and they’ve done a great job.

Ultimaxx Slick Wash might slip under the radar of a lot of car cleaning enthusiasts when it comes to car cleaning shampoo, but it’s a very capable all-round car cleaning shampoo. Hence why it’s deemed the best new choice in this article.

best car wash shampoo review

Ultimaxx Slick Wash is a shampoo with great cleaning ability – offering a gentle yet effective clean on all levels of dirt and grime. On a well-maintained car, you may only need to use a few capfuls, making it economical to use every week. For a very dirty car, I recommended using 3 capfuls to increase the strength of the shampoo in the winter months.

In terms of foaming, Ultimaxx Slick Wash is a high foaming shampoo which shows all the characteristics of a go-to shampoo for regular washes on your vehicle. This shampoo not only foams well but it has the level of lubrication you’d expect from such a shampoo.

If you wash your car regularly (weekly or fortnightly) then a shampoo with lots of lubrication is essential, as this will reduce swirl marks and scratches on the paint – increasing the longevity of the gloss on your car.

Of course, Ultimaxx Slick Wash is a pH neutral shampoo meaning that it won’t degrade any existing ceramics, waxes or sealants on the surface of the paint. Ultimaxx recommends this product as a maintenance shampoo on their ceramic coating. So, you can be confident that it will help to maintain any graphene, wax, sealant or ceramic finishes on your car.

The slick feel of Ultimaxx Slick Wash combined with the fantastic fragrance makes this a very enjoyable shampoo to use. It’s cleaning ability makes it a great all-round shampoo for all levels of car cleaning.

We believe that Slick Wash is one of the best all-round shampoos on the market at the moment.

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