Shimmer PH Snowfoam Review

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Shimmer PH-Neutral Snow Foam

What they say:
PH-Neutral snow foam is neither an acidic nor alkaline-based solution meaning any sealant or protection will not be damaged or removed through cleaning.

It will add a thick layer of long-lasting foam to the exterior of your vehicle, ensuring no spot is missed. The foam sticks to the paintwork, loosening and breaking down all the contamination and reducing the risk of scratches and swirl marks that could be caused when smearing your car with a wash mitt or sponge.

If you want your car to stay protected or have a valuable vehicle, we’d recommend using our PH-Neutral Snow Foam because it’s a little bit more gentle. This product is used with pressure washers.

Everyone likes their snow foam with different consistency, with the thickness of what they think is best. Everyone’s preference is different and will never be able to please everyone as there are various pressure washers, types of snow foam lances used, and the internal build quality of the snow foam lance will result in different thicknesses. That is why we always recommend finding your desired dilution ratio. But as a starting point and if we had to recommend, try anywhere between 1:4 and 1:9 and adjust accordingly to what you desire.

What we say:
Shimmer PH-Neutral Snow Foam is a non-caustic, pH neutral snow foam and is best applied via a snow foam lance and pressure washer. It is safe to use with all coatings be it wax, sealant or ceramic. It is concentrated so you can dilute to suit your own needs – the manufacturers recommend 1:4 parts water: heavy soiling, 1:9 parts water: light to medium soiling. For this test I used a ratio of 1 inch of product topped up with clean water in a 1litre bottle. It produced very thick, luxurious foam at this ratio and had great clinging power. I left it to dwell for around 5 minutes (adjust timings to suit your situation, especially in warmer conditions) and I could physically see it lifting the lighter dirt, dust and contamination away. After a thorough rinse with a pressure washer, the vehicle was 80% clean. Although I would say this product is aimed more at light dust removal part of the pre-washing stage.

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