Best Long Lasting Tyre Dressing Our Thoughts

Chemical Guys V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing 100% Dry to Touch Vinyl, Rubber -Tyre & Plastic Restorer+Protectant (16 oz) Extreme V.R.P Dressing Long Lasting Vinyl, Rubber-Tire & Plastic Restorer+Protectant (16oz) The world may not be perfect, but thanks to Chemical Guys, your dressing can be. VRP DRESSING 2 is the only 100% super shine Dry to the Touch dressing that works as well on Vinyl, Rubber, Tires as it does on Hard Plastics (plastic bumpers and mirrors)……all in one.

best long lasting tyre dressing

In a Perfect world dressings could shine, help block against UV rays, leave behind a pleasant smell, be 100% dry to the touch and even be enriched with a surface sealant to protect and repel dust and dirt for months Chemical Guys VRP Dressing 2 is the only 100% super shine, dry to the touch dressing that works just as marvelously on vinyl, Interior/exterior rubber, and tires as it does on hard plastics like mirrors and plastic bumpers. Pretty on the Outside and Inside!

Surfaces treated with Chemical Guys V.R.P Dressing 2 resist drying, fading, and cracking to aid in the maintaining of interior and exterior surfaces while enhancing shine and image. V.R.P 2 works as a multi surface shield for your vehicles interior that helps protect surfaces from damaging UV rays. The enriched water based emulsion formula also works as a surface sealant to protect against and repel dust and dirt for months! Apply V.R.P Dressing 2 on exterior surfaces with ease.

Chemical Guys V.R.P Dressing 2 works great when applied on exterior rubber or door seals. V.R.P’s extra thick and pure emulsion will not separate or sling and is easy to apply with a towel or sponge. Chemical Guys V.R.P Dressing’s industry leading sealants aid protecting surfaces from the elements. The Goods: A multi-surface shield for your vehicle’s interior and exterior. V.R.P. Water based conditioners penetrates past the surface, to restore and maintain shine while Chemical Guys unique formula leaves behind an invisible shield that repels water, dirt, dust and protects surfaces from damaging UV rays.

Dual action premium dressing leaves surfaces 100% dry to the touch and shining better then new, while protecting the surface against dirt and dust. Shines for months shielding and protecting against the elements. Works great on all finished leather, vinyl, rubber, door moldings and tires Maintains a 100% dry never greasy or oily supple, fresh texture on vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber and tires.