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RUPES S.p.A. is a family owned and operated company, founded in Milan, Italy, in 1947.

Our history is composed of achievements, challenges, ideas, and international successes. The constant commitment to research and development, aimed at constantly improving the performance of each product, is one of the fundamental aspects that during our 70 years of history have contributed to affirm RUPES as one of the major successful brands in the field of professional tools. The focus on designing and manufacturing products that are in total compliance with health and safety regulations, offering enhanced worker comfort, and providing innovative solutions are at the core of each new idea.

With four production sites and a well-established sales network, RUPES is always close to customers and provides them with products that anticipate and respond quickly to the market needs. The brand has complete coverage of all the main international markets, bringing its systems all over the world thanks to a distribution network consisting of two direct branches and numerous authorized dealers.

newest orbital polisher
he iBrid Nano Polisher Long Neck Bigfoot

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New Style KIT – RUPES LHR15ES Deluxe Bigfoot Polisher Detailing Orbital Polishing Machine/Pads and Bag Full Set [D-A Course, D-A Fine, UNO Protect On Step] with Matching Foam Pads LHR15ESDLX

Only 7 left in stock.

RUPES LHR15 III Black Random Orbital Polisher (Mark 3 Bigfoot)
RUPES Bigfoot LHR21ES/LUX Random 150mm Orbital Polisher Luxurious Kit

Only 15 left in stock.

RUPES LHR15 Bigfoot Mark mk2 Deluxe Kit Random Orbital Detailing Polisher

Only 6 left in stock.

RUPES Bigfoot Mille LK900E LHR_MLK_DLX Gear Driven

Only 2 left in stock.

Rupes Bigfoot 15 mm LHR15III DLX Mark III MK3 eccentric polisher deluxe kit
RUPES LH18ENS-R Angular Polisher (200mm) w/elec.speed-control 8

Only 6 left in stock.

RUPES hr81ml Random Orbit Sander/Polisher DLX HPG Nano Long

Only 10 left in stock.

RUPES LHR15 Mark 2 Electric Random Orbital Detailing Polisher Standard Kit

Only 1 left in stock.

RUPES BigFoot LHR75E/LUX-R Random Bigfoot 150mm Orbital Polisher

Only 1 left in stock.

RUPES BigFoot LHR15ES Electric Random Orbital Detailing Polisher

Only 3 left in stock.

RUPES LK900E STD Mille Bigfoot Gear-Driven 5 mm Polisher 125 mm

Only 4 left in stock.