Review: Nilfisk Multi II Wet and Dry Vacuum

Review: Nilfisk Multi II Wet and Dry Vacuum

A Must-Have for Car Detailing and Valeting: The NILFISK Multi II 30L

The NILFISK Multi II 30L jumped out off the page as a top choice for car detailing and valeting, particularly given its maximum cost of £175.00. I had long been aware of this reputable Nordic brand, and after some research and reading customer reviews, I chose the Multi II 30L, which closely matched my previous vacuum. From unboxing to daily use, this vacuum has proven superior in every aspect.

Performance and Features

The NILFISK Multi II 30L boasts powerful suction and a long suction hose, which is a standout feature. Despite only coming with a few essential tools, they are sufficient to get started, and I also purchased an additional brush specifically for cars and vans, where it has excelled. The vacuum performs exceptionally well as an extractor for woodworking power tools, offering peerless performance in this regard.

Ease of Use and Build Quality

One of the best features is the internal dust bag, which is incredibly easy to fit. The quality of consumables, spares, and tools is notably higher compared to other brands, making NILFISK a superior choice in every area of performance. It’s also quiet running considering its suction power, and despite its large capacity, it remains lightweight and easy to handle.

Value for Money

At £175.00, the NILFISK Multi II 30L is excellent value for money. It cleans car carpets effectively, outperforming handheld lithium vacuums. While the long suction hose is brilliant in use, it can make storage and transport slightly less convenient. Additionally, the tool holders are not very secure, and tools may fall off during transport.


A few minor cons include the vacuum becoming quite heavy as the bag fills, which is a trade-off for its large capacity. The bags, though reasonably priced, are single-use sealed, which is a bit disappointing. It could also benefit from a quick-release cable holder for added convenience.

Overall Recommendation

Overall, the NILFISK Multi II 30L is a powerful, versatile, and well-built vacuum that is perfect for car detailing and valeting. Its super long hose reduces the need to move it around frequently, and its powerful suction handles both water and dust with ease. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it remains highly recommended and is undoubtedly worth the additional cost for its superior performance in every area.

Powerful suction
Long suction hose
Large capacity
Quiet operation
High-quality consumables and tools
Excellent value for money

Long hose can be inconvenient to store and move
Tool holders are not very secure
Becomes heavy when the bag is full
Single-use sealed bags
Needs a quick-release cable holder

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-performing vacuum for car detailing and valeting, the NILFISK Multi II 30L is an excellent choice.

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