Nilfisk Core 140-6 High Pressure Washer: A Comprehensive Review

The Nilfisk Core 140 is a pressure washer designed to make light work of all blasting the packed-in dirt from your patio, garden furniture, and almost anything else you care to direct it at

The Nilfisk Core 140-6 bar High Pressure Washer, a device that has captured attention on Amazon for its solid 4.1 out of 5 stars rating, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and functionality. Designed specifically for domestic cleaning, the pressure washer stands out for its user-friendly design and powerful cleaning capabilities. In this review, we’ll delve into the features and performance of this appliance to help you understand why it could be a valuable addition to your household cleaning arsenal.

Purpose and Usage

Nilfisk say the Core 140 has been meticulously engineered for domestic cleaning tasks and must be used in an upright position to prevent any damage or liability issues. It’s vital to adhere to instructions regarding detergents, operation temperatures, and emergency procedures to ensure the longevity of the machine and safety during use.

Key Features

140 bar Max Pressure & 1800-watt Power: This specification makes it robust enough for various cleaning tasks.

Power Control: The innovative power control allows you to adjust the pressure easily, ensuring you can tackle different cleaning jobs with precision.

Versatility: It’s suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, from garden furniture to vehicles, ensuring your household surfaces are clean.

Accessories: The package includes a variety of accessories specifically for car cleaning, such as an under chassis nozzle, auto brush, and super foam sprayer, but we would look at the MJJC foamer

Long-life Metal Pump: Durability is at the heart of this pressure washer, thanks to its long-life metal pump.

Ultra-torque Engine: The optimized engine ensures efficient power delivery for cleaning tasks.

Ease of Use: With a 6-metre hose, internal hose reel, and built-in trolley, the pressure washer is both easy to handle and to store.

Performance and Ease of Use

As per T3’s review, the Nilfisk Core 140 offers a solid performance. It can handle up to 40 m2/hour, making it a quick solution for cleaning large areas. The range of heads for different surfaces adds to its versatility. Despite some concerns over the build quality and clarity of instructions, it’s praised for its affordability and portability.

Design and Build

While it may not boast the highest build quality compared to more expensive alternatives such as AVA, Karanzle or Karcher Pro, the Nilfisk Core 140 is commended for its smart and effective design. The device is compact and comes with convenient storage options, making it a practical choice for those with limited space.

Car Edition

This particular model shines when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The included car cleaning accessories ensure that every aspect of your car, from the undercarriage to the roof, is covered. The super foam sprayer applies detergents effectively, which is ideal for removing stubborn dirt.

Brand Legacy

Nilfisk has over a century of experience in creating high-quality cleaning products. Their focus on innovation and customer needs has made them a reliable name in the industry, and this pressure washer is a reflection of that dedication.


The Nilfisk Core 140-6 High Pressure Washer is a budget-friendly, yet efficient cleaning tool for your home. Despite some minor drawbacks, it stands out for its ease of use, range of accessories, and powerful cleaning ability. For those seeking a versatile and effective pressure washer for domestic use, the Nilfisk Core 140 is certainly worth considering.

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