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WR Detailing is a little well-known gem within the car care industry, both amateurs and professionals should take note. We believe their products will have quite a fan base because they are easy to use and give fantastic results, while often being quite inexpensive compared to other brands.

Many brands try to tempt enthusiasts with cleverly designed expensive packaging, but WR Detailing decided to rely on the performance of their products to carry their name. Rather than spending money on overly fancy bottles, WR Detailing seem to have put all their effort into developing products that deliver amazing results.

Standard car wax with 30% by volume pure Brazilian Grade One carnauba wax for all paintwork
Very easy to use, impressive depth of shine, best beading properties
Leaves no white residue neither on rubbers nor badges or body gaps
waxes were made from 100% carnauba wax

This will be the first paste wax I have used in months in the hope it will re-ignite the detailing flame. WR Detailing offer two paste waxes on their website, looking into the differences a bit more, other than the labels and slight colour differences we couldn’t see too much of a difference until reading the website listings:

High quality care products for your vehicle. Get perfect, deeply reflective surfaces with WR Detailing.
WR Detailing

WR Detailing All in One Paste 180g
WR Detailing’s All in One Paste contains powerful cleaning agents, and high-grade Brazilian carnauba wax, and high-quality oils to remove stubborn oxidation, water spotting and bird etching, reducing the appearance of fine paintwork swirls and refine the paintwork back to its original glory.

Finally, All in One will apply a layer of Brazilian carnauba wax, bringing out the gloss and shine of the paintwork, whilst leaving a layer of protection lasting months.

WR Detailing Golden Wax 180g
WR Detailing’s Golden Wax contains a blend of high-quality Brazilian carnauba wax, montan wax, and polymers, to provide a deep, high gloss glow and providing a layer of paintwork protection, all whilst being one of the easiest waxes to apply on the market!

The smell of these two products are amazing. The first thing I recommend you do when you get any WR Detailing product is to smell it, the smells are amazing. DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT recommend sniffing the fallout remover EVER or any other fallout remover!!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I started to rub the application pad onto each of the waxes how easy they were to prime. The weird thing is, as soon as the wax gets on the pad it seems to liquefy ready to be applied. They also both spread just like a liquid wax and a few swipes spread out across the surface with no trouble. With both I was pleased to see that a little goes a long way, better results are obtained with spreading both waxes very finely across the surface of the paint and not applying too much.

What is the gloss like I hear you say?

All I can say is its truly stunning, both waxes look amazing after application. The level of gloss and shine from both waxes at this price point is unbelievable to be honest. We feel both can stand up to a lot more expensive waxes in terms of the looks of the car after it has been applied. The car’s surface feels silky smooth and beads water very well.

Lastly offering an outrageous wet look in all lighting conditions and the reflections are mesmerizing the best thing about both waxes is how little effort and time it took to achieve a stunning look, due to the easy on / easy off nature of the waxes.

If you’re looking for your first paste wax or to re-ignite that paste wax flame once again, WR Detailing has you covered.

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Our Score 9 / 10
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