Unique Auto Care UK Gloss Wash

REVIEW BY: @girlsthatdetail


Car Shampoo

Highly concentrate

Friendly on all paint works

Removes dirt and grime

How To Use

10ml of product in 20L of water

Using a microfibre wash mitt apply the washed product to the vehicle working from the top of your vehicle to the bottom.

Rinse vehicle with clean water.

My Review

Leaves your vehicle looking glossy!

Little product is required (Economical).

50 washes per bottle as 10ml of product is required.

For me I feel this product could do with more suds as I like the lubrication when applying to a vehicle, but! The product still performed to high standards.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, I have also arranged for there to be a discount code which you can use on the website. Use code: GTD15 for 15% off your TOTAL order!

Gifted by @uniqueautocareuk << follow them in Instragram!

Unique Auto Care

GLOSS WASH Car Shampoo

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