Swissvax Carat Wax (81% Vol.)

CARAT (81% Vol.) Carnauba wax, with PTFE

Swissvax, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of high-quality car care products, has released their latest creation, the limited edition SWISSVAX Carat (81% Vol.) Carnauba wax with PTFE. This product boasts the highest carnauba content and maximum PTFE content, resulting in a finish that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of gloss and resistance. The developers at SWISSVAX set new standards with the goal of creating a wax that pushes the limits of what is possible, resulting in a product that excels in maximum gloss, protection, and longevity.

Carnauba is the most important ingredient when it comes to achieving a glossy finish on a vehicle. Conventional waxes typically contain only 5-10% carnauba wax. However, SWISSVAX waxes start with a 30% capacity (SWISSVAX Onyx) and can reach up to 76% (SWISSVAX Crystal Rock). Such high proportions of high-quality carnauba wax cannot be processed industrially, which is why SWISSVAX produces every wax by hand to achieve significantly higher quality. In addition, SWISSVAX is one of the few manufacturers to incorporate PTFE in their waxes.

PTFE resin (polytetrafluoroethylene) belongs to the genus of paraffin polymers and has exceptional resistance to chemicals and one of the lowest friction coefficients of all materials known today. The new SWISSVAX Carat wax boasts a Carnauba content of 81% and incorporates a maximum amount of PTFE, resulting in extreme resistance to insects, dirt, and other impurities.

The high gloss and “hardness” of this wax, reminiscent of a brilliant gemstone, inspired the name SWISSVAX Carat. This wax will be launched in a limited special edition of just 100 pieces worldwide, each offered in specially designed 100ml Jars. The unique fragrance developed for the wax further highlights the exclusivity of this product. The first international pre-orders were received directly after the pre-premiere.

One can of wax with 100ml content is enough for approximately 10-15 applications, depending on the automobile, and can last on the vehicle for up to 12 months. SWISSVAX offers a complete care system for cars, motorcycles, and yachts that includes washing, cleaning, care, and sealing components that are all harmoniously coordinated. Unlike conventional polishes, SWISSVAX waxes do not contain abrasives and can be applied to all paint finishes.

For more information on the SWISSVAX Carat wax or other SWISSVAX products, visit their website or contact them directly.

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