Review: Kranzle K10 Automatic Total Stop Pressure Washer


I decided to upgrade my pressure washer and went for a Kranzle K10. This review will take you through the machine and my experience after using it for the first couple of months.
Machine Basics

The Kranzle K10 is small and compact, measuring only 44cm in length, 20cm in width, and 33cm in height. Despite its size, it weighs 23 kilograms and feels robustly built. The machine features a water inlet with a filter, an outlet for the hose with an M22 connection, a pressure gauge, and a red dial for pressure adjustment. The automatic total stop version has a black box on the side that stops the motor when the trigger isn’t pulled, conserving power.

Components and Accessories

The machine comes with a 5-meter mains cable, stainless steel valves, a brass pump, a metal handle and legs with rubberized grips, and a cooling fan at the back. I opted for a 20-meter steel-braided, rubber-coated hose with a built-in swivel. The machine offers options for different gun variations, and I chose the quick-release option with a long gun and lance.

Specifications and Performance

The K10 has an operating pressure of 30-120 bar, which can be adjusted using the red dial. What sets it apart is the impressive flow rate of 10 liters per minute, making it perform significantly better than other pressure washers with similar operating pressures. The machine’s noise level is rated at 90 decibels.

Pros and Cons

High performance due to the impressive flow rate

Compact design for easy storage

Quality trigger gun and hose

Excellent build quality and durability

Serviceable and fixable, designed to last a long time


High cost, particularly with additional accessories like the 20-meter hose

Heavy and not the most portable at 23 kilograms

Lacks an integrated hose reel, requiring manual hose management after use

Model Variants

The Kranzle K10 is available in different versions, including the automatic total stop and the standard continuously running version. The automatic total stop version is quieter and reduces power consumption, while the standard version is recommended for mobile detailers using a generator due to its consistent power demand.


The Kranzle K10 Automatic Total Stop pressure washer offers impressive performance, build quality, and durability. While it comes at a premium price and lacks certain conveniences such as an integrated hose reel, its high flow rate and compact design make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking top-tier performance and longevity.

I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about which Kranzle pressure washer is best for your specific needs.

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