Comparing Two Quick Release Pressure Washer Guns Review

Compared to the Karcher gun, a stubby gun is immeasurably better to work with but I'd recommend you look

Today, I wanted to compare two quick release short trigger guns. I have been using an inexpensive one from Amazon for the past two years, priced at £25, which is their entry-level gun.

Additionally, I have the MTM SGS 35, one of the more premium options in the market, priced at around £62 in the UK.

If you don’t have one of these short triggers already, they offer several advantages over regular pressure washer guns that come with machines such as Karcher.

Advantages of Short Trigger Guns

Shorter length makes it easier to access areas like wheel arches and control with one hand.

Smoother trigger with less resistance compared to the Karcher one.

Quick release system, making it much easier compared to the bayonet system found on many pressure washers.

Comparing Designs and Build Quality

MTM features stainless steel, while the Amazon option is made of brass, with differences in grip and safety lock feel.

Both guns have a built-in swivel to prevent hose twisting, with the swivel feeling smoother on the Amazon gun.

Internally, MTM features fully stainless internals, while the cheaper option mostly has brass internals.

Performance and Usability

The MTM is about 20% heavier but not excessively so, and has higher maximum pressure and flow rate, though both are overkill for general car cleaning.

No noticeable performance difference between the two guns in flow rate and snowfoam thickness tests.

The trigger on the MTM is easier to pull, requiring less effort compared to the Amazon gun, reducing hand fatigue.

Material and Durability

The MTM uses stainless steel for quick disconnects, offering better corrosion resistance than the brass used in the Amazon gun.

The Amazon gun, despite some signs of tarnishing, has not shown inhibited performance due to corrosion.


The MTM SGS 35 offers better build quality and a nicer feel compared to the cheaper Amazon option, but it comes at a significantly higher price.

For regular personal use, the Amazon gun has proven to be a solid choice, offering good value for money.

If the MTM seems too expensive, there’s no harm in opting for the cheaper option, especially for personal use.

In Summary

After comparing the features and performance of both guns, I found that while the MTM offers superior build quality and materials, the Amazon gun has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective choice for personal use.

If you’re considering the MTM but find it too expensive, the cheaper option is still a viable choice.

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