Purestar – Colour Pop Wash Pads

Purestar - Colour Pop Wash Pads

Key features of Purestar – Colour Pop Wash Pads

Add a splash of colour to your wash with the new Purestar Colour Pop wash pads.

The Purestar Colour Pop wash pads are a vibrant manufactured in South Korea from the highest quality, softest microfibre available. It’s designed to offer the safest surface for washing your vehicle, the super soft fibres encapsulate dirt from the paint, yet is extremely free rinsing, releasing the dirt back into your rinse bucket making these the absolute safest way to wash your car.

These high quality, durable pads won’t scratch the surface of your paint.

Size: 23cm x 15cm x 6cm
Material: 100% Korean Microfibre
Colours: Dark Pink, Dark Green, Purple & Orange

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