Pre-Winter Car Protection Time With Soft99 Review

2023 Soft99 Fusso Coat Wax Review

Fluorine polymer, which possesses sufficient anti-fouling ability, effectively safeguards the car’s surface from rain, dirt, and other undesirable residue. Its thick, hard coating strongly repels water, allowing it to smoothly run down and off the car’s surface. The effects will endure for up to 12 months, keeping the car in good condition for an extended period. Additionally, the hard paste wax can create a clear gloss on the car’s body. An artificial paint sealant originating from Japan and primarily sourced from the reputable folks at Nippon Shine, Fusso has taken the detailing world by storm. If you visit any detailing community on Facebook or a similar platform, you’ll regularly encounter Fusso being mentioned and recommended. The product comes in two variants: dark and light, designed for specific paint types, although both are suitable for use on any paint. Packaged in a generous tin with an included applicator, it is advisable to purchase the product directly from Nippon Shine, as counterfeit products are circulating on eBay. We’ve used two containers’ worth of Fusso Dark on various customer vehicles and our own personal vehicle, allowing us to truly acquaint ourselves with the product and evaluate its longevity.

The product is well-presented, featuring quirky Japanese packaging that immediately entices you to use it. It is remarkably easy to apply, spreading smoothly with the ease of butter, requiring only a very thin layer. A little goes a long way, and a single tin of the product will last a home user for years. It leaves a delightful, smooth finish on the paintwork, and since it’s a sealant, you can subsequently apply wax to enhance and further protect the finish. The durability is outstanding. We obtained over six months of clear beading and sheeting on our personal vehicle with Fusso. Even after six months, it was still providing protection, albeit less visibly. It’s evident why Fusso has taken the detailing world by storm. Priced between £20 and £35 for a generously sized tin, and with superb longevity that can be augmented with a wax of your choosing, it is an exceptionally capable product, as recommended by the Car Cleaning Guru in a recent YouTube video.

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