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Buff-It – Supplied by SR Detailing Supplies.

It was that time again.
The car needed cleaning and a range I’d never heard of had been dropped off to test. Buff-It, located in Oxfordshire, so another UK based brand. I’m finding it refreshing to see how much further Great Britain as a country; have come along with regards to car care materials.

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On point, and pretty clear on instructions. Bottles are simple as is labeling, so I wasn’t expecting anything earth shakingly great, but I have yet again; been mistaken.

BUFF-IT’s formulas are designed and manufactured to the highest detail in a state of the art multi million pound factory located here in the United Kingdom
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Cherry Shampoo:

Pleasant cherry aroma, which seems a go to for many brands. Not surprisingly as it is fresh and sweet.

Manufacturer statement says 25ml-50ml per car wash, which is pretty much on point.

A shampoo designed to safely lift grime without detracting from previously applied waxes or sealants.

Lubricity is pretty good as is foaming ability, but foam does die down quick, though this does not detract from the lubricity; which is any good shampoos main strong point to ensure a safe wash.

Glass Cleaner:

This stuff is straight cut and does exactly as it is intended.

Simple medium strength solvent fragrance which evaporates well when buffing and leaves a nice smear free finish, both with waffle towel or paper towel. Very impressed by this one, and is well worth having in your goody bag.

Si02 Ceramic Detail:

Another brand bringing a detailing spray which offers up a quick user process along with some form of ceramic infusion. No nasty fragrance and relatively simple to use.

Buff-It state to simply spray and wipe/buff. I would agree with this but two coats are required on darker colour variants; as it can be a tad smeary, more so in slightly warmer/direct sunlight.

I also tried this as a drying aid, purely to cut down time of drying the car and going round it again. Though easy enough, I did find what appeared to be some forms of separation of product and spotted areas which required some extra buffing to remove. This was not an issue per say, however, I would of preferred it to be a simple dry and done job.

Durability has proven well, as the whether hasn’t been the greatest of late.

Beading and sheeting is very good on an aesthetic standpoint, and water flows freely when rinsing.

In general, I was quite impressed by the materials, and was pleased to have to eat humble pie on my initial thoughts from brand and packaging. Certainly a reason to not always judge a book by its cover.

All items are treadily available in 250ml format which is handy for a small kit to be kept in your vehicle, all the way up to 5 litres for professional use.

Our Score
Our Score 8.5 / 10
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