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So, I first began valeting out the back of my car when I was 18 and cleaned the neighbour’s, family members and friends’ cars to gain experience. Then I went to college for an office job but realised it was not for me, I was missing the valeting and detailing scene. With savings earned from the day job I decided to buy a fully kitted-out valeting van and began valeting once again.

I’m proud to say I’m self-taught with hours of extensive research, which soon paid off with a massive customer base, enough to earn a comfortable living from it but I always wanted to be bigger and better so decided to investigate my own products and produce them and to start selling them under my own brand. I was fortunate to find a manufacturer who could produce products but also let me have an input in what chemicals were in each product.

As a detailer and valeter of 15 years plus, I know what fellow detailers look for in a product. So, I can produce products that are professional grade for enthusiasts and detailers all over the UK which has led to where I am today, providing a top-quality product.

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