Best Car Waxes: After Researching Lots Of Options

Best car wax in UK

Best Car Waxes in UK

Are you looking for expert advice on buying the best car wax in UK? In that case, you’ve arrived at the right place, because I’ve prepared this guide after spending a huge time testing, reviewing, and researching. I’ve added a few reliable options available in the United Kingdom, that you may consider getting.

The best car wax varies for different people. For instance, If money isn’t an issue, you might prefer the one that has features suited for diversified use-cases. However, not everyone has unlimited budget for the costliest or feature-rich option, that’s why I’ve also included the value-for-money and cheaper options.

In some cases, the budget (value-for-money) and cheaper options shall come with great features too but it might be from an unknown brand. In many cases, the budget or less value options might miss a few features from the best options. However, you should make sure that the car wax you’re getting meets your usage requirements.

The Best Car Wax  in UK Right NOW!

Wait for a while and list down all the features you’re looking for in a car wax. Once you are aware of your needs, continue looking at the list below. Also, make sure to buy the one that fulfills your requirements as there is no point in spending money on something that won’t do the task you bought it for.

Poorboys Nattys Blue Paste Wax

Poorboys Nattys Blue Paste Wax

This paste wax is along the same lines as the original Nattys Paste Wax but specially formulated for darker coloured cars.

The carnauba wax means that you get great protection against nasty road grime, bug tar, salt and bird lime. Poorboys Nattys Blue Paste Wax works by providing a hard and glossy film over your paints surface and because it’s a natural product it won’t react to you paintwork.

Angelwax - Enigma Ceramic Wax

Angelwax - Enigma Ceramic Wax

A standard detailing wax will sit on your vehicle’s surface after application and will be micro porous in nature. The complex ceramic molecules used in Enigma manipulates the micro pores found in this type of detailing wax, thus making the surface completely smooth and less likely to be compromised by the many substances in our environment.

The result of this innovative formulation is a wax that has significant self-cleaning properties, combined with outstanding gloss, spectacular durability and ease of use.

Chemical Guys - Pete's 53 Paste Wax

Chemical Guys - Pete's 53 Paste Wax

Pete's 53’ is for the enthusiast who demands the highest and wettest level of shine. 53’ blends the finest ingredients to deliver A premium blend of genuine carnauba wax and natural oils that makes paint “drip off of your vehicle” with a high gloss shine and shimmer that is sure to impress even the toughest of critic. Contains White Carnauba Wax, Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Banana Oil, Almond Oil, Propolis (derived from Bees wax), and formulated with a liquid crystal polymer for extended longevity and durability.

Collinite 476S - Super Doublecoat Auto Wax

Collinite 476S - Super Doublecoat Auto Wax

Collinite 476s is a real enthusiasts wax, no added gimmicks just a hard working and durable wax. This wax stands up to rain, snow, salt, dust and grime so is perfect for a winter wax when you need that extra protection. Collinite 476s also protects against UV so good for the summer months too. In fact Collinite claim you can get up to 12 months protection from 476s.

With all that durability you might wonder if you miss out on shine, well actually no. Collinite 476s adds a real deep gloss to solid colours and makes metallic flakes come to life.

GYEON - Q² Wax

GYEON - Q² Wax

Gyeon Q2 Wax is the first wax from Gyeon and combines the most traditional type of product with sophisticated technology. GYEON Wax contains fluorine in its formula to create impressive levels of performance, beading and gloss. It's a perfect stand alone protection product for the enthusiast but will also surprise detailing professionals as an entry level protection product, as well as a great top up for one of the Gyeon Coatings.

GYEON Q² Wax is easy on and easy off, leaving behind extreme levels of gloss and impressive hydrophobic properties.

Soft 99 - Mirror Shine Wax

Soft 99 - Mirror Shine Wax

Soft 99 Mirror Shine Wax does exactly what it says on the tin and creates a mirror-like shine and a hydrophobic protective layer on your vehicles paintwork. Mirror Shine Wax is very quick and easy to apply offering protection that lasts up to 2 months!

Mirror Shine Wax is the perfect choice when looks is what you are after, expect slick, deep gloss and impressive water beading, perfectly suited for the summer months, but can be used all year round if desired

Zymol Creame Wax

Zymol Creame Wax

his wax is superb for all paint types and works best on medium to light colours. On darker colours we recommend Zymol Carbon wax.

As with all Zymol Car Waxes Creame wax is actually a 'zyme' that turns into a wax and bonds to your paint when exposed to air during application. Zymol Creame is a fantastic entry level Zymol car wax as it's easy to apply & remove and leaves afantastic deep shine.

best car wax varies from person to person
perfect paint finish.

Car Waxes – The Buyer’s Guide By Waxed Perfection: Although the above section might’ve helped you find the right car wax for your needs, if you’re still confused, continue reading this. We’ve discussed various factors that you should consider when getting one.

1. Your Requirements vs the Features : Make sure that the car wax you are getting has all the features you are looking for. Because, I believe that there’s no point in buying it, if it can’t do the main task you’re buying it for?


The Most Feature Rich: Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Car Wax 473ml Advanced SiO2 Technology

Average Features (But High Value for Money): CERAMIC MADE EASY: Hybrid SiO2 advanced Hybrid Ceramic technology

EXTREME WATER BEADING ACTION with up to 4 to 6 months protection

Cheap Yet Feature Rich: NON-WHITENING on non-painted trim and rubber gaskets

2. Pricing vs Budget: Wouldn’t everyone buy the most expensive or the best car wax if it wasn’t for the budget? Although the best option has a lot of extra features, I personally believe that you should not overspend on the product for the features you won’t use.

However, a lot of us have limited budgets and in some cases you might end up sacrificing an important feature. In such a case, don’t sacrifice. Because if it can’t perform/do the main task for which you are buying it, is there any point in getting that?

3. Brand: Although, branded car wax costs a little more than the unbranded options. But I advise my readers (including you), to consider getting the one from a reputed brand. Not only do they offer great customer service, high-quality build, and social media user support, but also months of R&D testing.

4. Check out the Best Lists: One of the best ways to find good quality car wax is by browsing or checking out the best lists like this. The writers/researchers do huge research and make sure that you get the best-quality product with features suited for diversified tasks. Although, in some cases, the lists won’t be great, in that case, just check out other lists.

5. Look for Deals: You can either use our media pages should we find any or on our website or look for popular deal websites. In some cases, you can save upto 5-15%. However, in this case, I’ve already listed out the options with links to the best available deals. Also, make sure that you’re getting from an authorised seller, a trusted seller or direct from source.

6. User Reviews: One of the best things about buying a car wax online is, there are a plethora of eCommerce platforms that have “customer reviews” where a person who has bought the product reviews it and shares his/her experience with it. You can also check for a specific feature in those sections and you’ll surely find a lot of answers.

7. Individual Product Reviews: Individual product reviews are written by bloggers, independent reviewers, researchers, media publications, etc where they review and test the product for weeks and publish an in-depth review about that single product. You can just make a Google search and you’ll find endless individual car wax reviews.

The Best car wax Brands in the UK: Like mentioned above, buying a branded car wax can save you from troubles in the future with high-quality customer support. According to me, here are the best-rated brands you should consider:

Swissvax, Zymol, BMD Luxury Wax, Angel Wax, Autoglym, Turtle Wax, Meguiar’s, Bilt Hamber, Auto Finesse, Dodo Juice, Gyeon, Car Gods, CarPro, Autobrite Direct, Stjärnagloss, ValetPRO, Alchemy, Poorboy’s World and Mothers


1. Which is the best car wax?: According to my research, the Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax is one of the best options. It’s quite popular among people looking for a reliable option.

2. Is Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax as good as the Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax? Like said in the post, the best car wax varies from person to person. If you’re looking for something that’s feature rich and highly-rated, consider going for the Bilt-Hamber Double Speed-Wax

3. Are there any reputable brands in the UK to consider when buying a car wax? According to me, there are a few popular brands that have a great online presence and provide ultimate customer service. They are: Bilt Hamber, Autoglym, BMD, Auto Finesse & Dodo Juice.

4. What’s the average price a buyer spends when purchasing a car wax? According to a research I did, potential customers spend around 18 However, this is based on sales of both high-value options and low-value options.

5. Which is the most expensive car wax in this list? Swissvax MYSTERY Carnauba car wax (55% Vol.) Limited Edition is the most expensive option to consider. It’s because of the brand value, sophistication, and highly-responsive customer service.

6. Which is the cheapest car wax and should I buy it? Well, there’s no issue in buying the cheapest car wax. However, make sure that it has all the features/specs you’ll need. Because like I said, there’s no point in spending money for a product that won’t do the job you bought it for. Does it make sense?

7. Should I buy the most expensive car wax? Buying the most expensive car wax doesn’t guarantee that is best for you. Before buying, make sure that it has all the essential features you’ll need. In some cases, even the most expensive option misses out the features you want the most.

8. Is Zymol better than Swissvax? To be honest, both the brands have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, before buying from either of them, make sure to do your research about them.

The Verdict: I’ve spent hours researching car waxes. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tested all the products I’ve listed, but I’ve done hours of research, went across verified customer reviews, and various forum posts to come up with this list.

I’ve also added a brief buyer’s guide and listed out the best brands that make car wax which should help you make an informed purchase decision. There’s also a FAQ section which has answers to most common questions.

I hope that my post helps you find the right car wax for your needs. Also, there could be a possibility that a new product arrives after I publish this post. For such cases, I’ll try to regularly update the article with new products.

Although, I’ve tried to explain everything I could, in case I’ve missed something or you’re unable to find the right car wax for your needs or need any sort of buying advice. Feel free to contact us.


Our #1 Expensive Pick

MYSTERY Carnauba car wax (55% Vol.) Limited Edition

The secret formulation originally reserved for the company founder's family only, now available as a yearly limited edition wax

Carnauba wax with 55% by volume pure unbleached Grade One carnauba wax from northern Brazil Enriched with walnut, kiwi and vanilla extracts, the wax creates a deep gloss combined with stunning reflections in direct sunlight

A 50 ml wax lasts for 3 to 5 applications

Leaves no white residue neither on rubbers nor badges or body gaps

Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance Wax

Our #1 Value For Money Pick

Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance Wax

'Collinite 915 is simply a great wax', is how one reviewer summed up Marque D'Elegance.

With over 15% more than our No. 476s, the Marque D' Elegance boasts Collinite’s highest amount of rare carnauba; yielding the highest gloss and warmest shine to darker, meticulously maintained finishes. As it's Collinite, expect nothing less than amazing durability year round.

Bilt Hamber - Finis Wax 250ml

Our #1 Brand Name Pick

Bilt Hamber - Finis Wax 250ml

Finis-Wax is a superior last stage treatment for the protection of highly finished automobile paint systems. The high grade T1 carnauba provides the backbone of this wax, to provide a deep rich gloss. Unlike other automotive waxes, gloss, ease of application and buffability are provided by other gloss enhancing molecules.

250ml Bilt Hamber Finis Wax, Applicator and Buffing Towel

ALCHEMY® T2 Paste Wax

Our #1 New Comer Pick

ALCHEMY® T2 Paste Wax

Alchemy T2 is a carnauba wax blended with montan and oils, which make for a durable wax that is still easy to apply. Montan wax has a natural water repellence and when blended with carnauba, you get shine and durability. The unique blend of oils makes for a wax that is easy to use and apply.

Alchemy T2 Paste Wax gives a glossy, sharp shine and makes paint pop, yet was developed to be the more durable of the two offerings from Alchemy Car Care. This isn't an out and out shpw wax, but one you can apply, look sharp and offer real world performance.

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