Graphenic Company Overview


With years of experience in the professional detailing industry, Graphenic is a car cleaning premium brand that has been developed with expert research, a passion for premium quality and a dedication to style. Graphenic have liaised with countless reputable manufacturers, chemists and professional car detailers to ensure expert knowledge always informs the development of formulas.

Graphenic offers an exquisite range of tested formulas that have all been rigorously tested in UK labs, made from the highest quality materials and ingredients. These innovative products are easy to use and significantly durable, ensuring maximum results time and time again. With striking, unique packaging that is also eco-friendly,

Graphenic is fast becoming a stand out brand in the car detailing industry. From the indulgent scents of the car air freshener range Nutrasmoke to the resilient, premium car washing products featured in the Chemica collection, here at Graphenic we understand the importance of selling detailing products that consistently fulfil their function and satisfy specific needs.

Graphenic’s mission is simple; provide a diverse collection of car cleaning and detailing products for consumers who have a passion for their vehicle. For Graphenic, it really is all about the details.

graphenic shampoo
graphenic shampoo for car detailing

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