Shimmer Bug Eliminator Review

bird droppings ruin the look of your vehicle

Bug eliminator is a ready-to-use solution that will effortlessly remove bugs from vehicles by spraying onto affected areas and washing a car as usual without the elbow grease.

Suitable for areas that cause impact by insects, such as the bumper, grill, windscreen and paintwork surfaces.

Not only do bugs and bird droppings ruin the look of your vehicle, but you also risk the possibility of damaged paintwork by leaving permanent blemishes or, even worse, damaging the paintwork due to embedding into the paintwork.

Our ready-to-use solution is safe to use on all types of protection without affecting the performance of the protection as it is not as aggressive as a prewash or APC (all purpose cleanse). Because the last thing we imagine you want is to clean a car and strip all the protection because you used a prewash or APC. Yes, you can dilute prewash and APC. Still, it requires experimentation on the effective dilution ratio to clean but not remove any protection. It is time-consuming and increases human error when choosing a prewash or APC instead of Bug Eliminator, where you can trust the product will be safe to use.

What we say:

Shifting baked-on dead bugs from paintwork can be a risky business without a specialist cleaner, because the temptation is to rub harder or find something more abrasive. If you’re not careful, the clear coat will be damaged and, at best, you’ll need to invest in a polish or scratch remover to put everything right afterwards.

Dead bugs make paintwork unsightly and windows tougher to see through. Don’t be tempted to leave them on your paintwork, because the longer they’re on the car the harder they are to shift.

Bug Eliminator was applied to the maker’s instructions, and then we gently rinsed the area and monitored the bug removal progress.

Shimmer Bug Eliminator didn’t disappoint and is well worth a look if your finding it hard to remove those stubborn bug.

Final Words:
Easy-to-use, you only need to spray all the affected areas of the vehicle, leave it to dwell without drying and rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer, or begin the wash process // Fantastic Price

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