JennyChem Long Life Tyre Shine

The beauty of Long-Life Tyre Shine is that it allows you to vary the level of gloss or satin very easily you want to achieve in the overall finish of your tyre. JennyChem’s unique formula is versatile enough to offer a high-gloss finish, or a natural satin finish depending on your preference. It also has a pleasant fresh scent, that makes using it a very pleasant experience!

best long lasting tyre dressing
best long lasting tyre dressing
no sling tyre dressing
50 50 tyre dressing side by side

I often find that a lot of other tyre dressings claim to allow you to vary the finish, but they are often biased towards a particular finish – with Long Life Tyre Shine this is not the case. The versatility of this tyre dressing makes it a one-stop-shop for any detailer as it will suit all of yours (or your clients) preferences. Let us not forget that this tyre dressing also works as a great trim dressing – putting a new lease of life into any fading trim or mud flaps.

You won’t find a product on the market that lasts as long as ours.
detailing valeting long lasting tyre dressing gel

JennyChem Long Life Tyre Shine is incredibly economical. The highly concentrated dressing ensures that a little goes a long way, so you can guarantee you will not be getting through a bottle every few weeks. With manufacturing in the south of the UK, JennyChem have ensured that Long Life Tyre Shine can endure rainy UK weather with this long-lasting tyre dressing!

Our Score /10
Our Score /10