Paul Dalton Wheel Cleaner

Miracle Detail Paul Dalton Citrus Degreaser

Key features of Citrus Degreaser

Paul Dalton
Wheel cleaner

Paul Dalton’s Ph neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover turns purple when in contact with iron allowing the vehicle to be cleaned until there is no more iron present within the paintwork/wheels. Iron remove/wheel cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels. Paul’s Ph neutral Wheel cleaner and Iron remover also contains a special odour neutraliser to mask the unpleasant smell common in similar products.

Available in 1 litre.

Instructions for use

1 For wheels, spray on and brush until the product turns dark purple, then rinse off with water
2 Repeat until the product no longer indicates iron.
3 For removing iron fallout, spray the whole vehicle and rinse with a pressure washer once the product has changed colour

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