Meet WaxAddict

Introducing Waxaddict

WAXADDICT ETHOS – A few simple rules that have served them well and are the core of why their customers say Waxaddict is different.

Nothing is outsourced! Everything they sell is original from concept, development through to production.

It’s important to them that the products are as safe as possible for you and your ride.


They only add ingredients that make them perform better, no salts, thickeners or bulking agents, EVER!


BACK IN 2011
A little new project called “Waxybox” started it all and this has helped them learn what the detailing industry wanted from their products.

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What NEW @ Waxaddict! They are excited to launch the new and highly requested wax samples, along with a new glaze prototype and another run of random waxes!
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Waxaddict are car wax innovators, hand crafting all their products in-house. Each creation is poured to order, giving teh customer the original boutique wax experience!
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New for 2021


The same grade natural waxes as the luxury range blended to suit a budget. Entry level doesn’t take anything away from the performance, these waxes are still hand crafted, will bead better than most waxes you have tried and will give fantastic results.


Quick, easy, glossy and addictive! Now whipped whilst cooling to create an incredibly soft and smooth texture plus the added benefit of more hard wax.

The blend gives the same pop to your paintwork as standard candygloss although it will last slightly longer and give rounder taller waterbeads.

The increased hard waxes bond well to give good durability in summer show season. Once cured you can wipe away in one go wthout the usual need to “break & buff”.

A world’s first; a car wax that invigorates your senses with the natural vapours of menthol oils. The wax itself contains a balanced mix of polymer and organic wax blended with fast drying oils to aid curing times. Subzero will cure within 8 minutes at 0C-5C and leaves superb gloss, ultra strong water beading and tough durability.

Edition 18
Edition 18 was initially released in Waxybox and saw our best feedback so far in our wax development. With this in mind we continued development until finally releasing it into our range.

Some of the ingredients and part of the formula is shared with our signature wax Vitreo, however the wax contains zero carnauba and instead is a blend of softer waxes and polymers.

The finish is high gloss, reflections are sharp and water dances on the surface until it finds a way off! The hydrophobic coating produces lovely round waterbeads and insane microbeads in drizzle. The coconut scented wax spreads like a soft butter, cures within 8-12 minutes and removes with minimal effort.

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