Remove Ad’s & Right Side Bar From VerticalScope Forum

forum softwae use own settings

Taken From A Detailing Forum
I don’t see the ads being turned off or toned down, so what options do you have?

This is my personal setup in the following browsers.


Firefox PC
Open Firefox >> Three Line top Right >> Addons and Themes >> The Search Box “Find more add-ons”

AdBlocker Ultimate by AdAvoid >> Add to FireFox >> Add
Refresh the forum and no more ads.

Chrome PC
Open Chrome >>Three Dot Top Right >> More Tools >> Extensions >> Top Left Three Lines >> Open

chrome web store >> Search >> AdBlock — best ad blocker >> Add to Chrome >> Add extension

Chrome Web Store
Refresh the forum and no more ads.

Edge PC
Open Edge >> Three Dot top right >> extensions >> open Microsoft edge Add-ons Website >> Search Box >> Venus Adblock >> Get

Microsoft Edge Add-ons – adblock
Refresh the forum and no more ads.

You can always uninstall these if they don’t work for you, and please checkout the settings before install, this is what I run and may not be suitable for you, but I do hope it helps.

You can also install Adblockers on your mobile and tablet browsers.


Remove the Right Side Bar

Only Tested in FireFox, Addon software install at your own risk. check before you install.

It does take a moment for the CSS override to kick in on every page load.

For Chrome Search >>  Stylebot

The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo removed right bar for free with Addon.

The CSS code you will need is:

Remove Side Bar Only!

.sidebar { display: none; }

.mainContent { margin-right: 0; }

if you would also like to remove the side bar & notice at the top of the forum.

.sidebar { display: none; }

.mainContent { margin-right: 0; }

.notices{ display: none; }

Remove Homepage Sidebar, Forum Side Bar, Notices & Homepage Banners Add the Following:

.sidebar { display: none; }

.mainContent { margin-right: 0; }

.notices { display: none; }

.home-container .col.sidebar { display: none; }

.home-container .col.featured-threads { display: none; }

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