ValetPRO Snow Seal

As usual, first and foremost, I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at ValetPRO for sending their Snow Seal out for a review. Their website can be found at

ValetPRO Snow Seal Hydrophobic Protector, High Gloss and Water Repellent Finish, Snow Foam Lance Application

ValetPRO Snow Seal Hydrophobic Protector, High Gloss and Water Repellent Finish, Snow Foam Lance Application

“ValetPRO is a brand I came across with getting a bit more serious about keeping my car clean and detailing, probably around 10 years ago or so. Having a look around their website, they were founded in 2005, moved to their first warehouse in Framfield, East Sussex, in 2010, and have continued to grow substantially since then.”


The Product ValetPRO sent me the 250ml bottle of now Snow Seal. The branding is unmistakably ValetPRO. It’s simple, distinctive and consistent throughout their range. Snow Seal is a translucent, thin liquid, with a chemical scent. The bottle is ‘on brand’ similar to the labelling. As usual, and as expected, the rear label has detail regarding the product, application instructions, and health and safety data.

The bottle says:

1. Before application, ensure the vehicle is out of direct sunlight and paintwork is clean and cool to the touch.

2. Dilute in a clean foam lance bottle. 50ml product: 250ml water.

3. Apply to the vehicle. Take care to avoid the windscreen.

4. Rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer. Do not allow product to dry.

5. Dry the vehicle with a ValetPRO Drying Towel.

6. Clean the windscreen and wiper blades with Glass Cleaner to avoid potential smearing.

7. Please note: No cure time or agitation required. Do not exceed dilution ratio. Not suitable for use on convertible vehicles.

The Manufacturer says: From –…791-/Snow-Seal


ValetPRO Snow Seal is a specially formulated coating to be used with a foam lance and pressure washer. Snow Seal awards your vehicle with a durable hydrophobic coating that leads to remarkable water beading. Application could not be easier– simply spray on a clean vehicle at the specified dilution, rinse off and then dry. Snow Seal will also leave an impressive glossy finish.

(Director of VP) Gregs thoughts: “Snow Seal is the perfect accompaniment to anyone who uses a pressure washer and foam lance as a part of their car detailing process. Ideal for the wintertime or those in an outdoor setting, Snow Seal saves time and effort to your car protection step.”

The Method As directed, I filled the foam lance bottle, using the dilution ratio as instructed. The car had literally no protection left, having been through the salted roads over the past weeks. I sprayed it all over the car including the side windows and alloys followed by a low pressure rinse off.

This definitely added a degree of protection as the water behaviour showed signs of beading. This made the drying process very easy.

Price ValetPRO Snow Seal is available to purchase directly from the ValetPRO website at…791-/Snow-Seal.

It’s also widely available at a number of UK retailers in store and on-line.

Snow Seal is available in 500ml bottles only, and the price is £11.

The website states “A £5 delivery fee will be added to every order below £30. Orders over £30 will receive free delivery.”

It’s actually £4.99.

Would I use it again? If I need to apply some protection to a panel, quickly and easily, then this would definitely be a useful addition to the detailing arsenal, especially at this time of year.

Conclusion I’m not usually a fan of the spray on, rinse off type products, purely because I usually have some form of protection on the car, so these normally pass me by. In my experience, I was expecting to see a residue left on the panel, but, I was very pleased to see that all it left behind was some genuine protection, evidenced by the reasonably good water behaviour.

In Winter, I think it’s something I’ll keep using, especially if light, time and weather are conspiring against my car cleaning routine.