Sansom Cabin Care Interior Cleaner and Sanitiser

Sansom Cabin Care Interior Cleaner and Sanitiser

Key features of Cabin Care Interior Cleaner and Sanitiser

Removes the dirt you can see & the germs you can’t

Cabin Care cleans and sanitises all vehicle interior surfaces, providing peace of mind for you and your passengers on every trip.

The powerful cleaner cuts through grease, grime, dust and dirt with ease and is the ideal tonic for muddy foot prints on door sills, foot rests, the backs of seats or even your boot.

Containing anti-microbial agents which kill viruses, bacteria, yeast and mould spores – all the nasties that you don’t want to hang around on surfaces.

Cleanse all the areas that are touched by your hands, such as door handles, steering wheels, gear sticks, touch screens and your dashboard in general.

Cabin Care is also highly effective on fabrics, breaking down the germs that typically go on to cause unpleasant odours.

Tested to all the relevant quality standards, Cabin Care is safe to use, works fast and doesn’t leave a residue behind.

Features & Benefits:

Powerful interior cleaner
Cleans & sanitises
Target grease, grime, dust, dirt & more
Suitable for use on all interior surfaces including fabrics
Kills viruses, bacteria, yeast & mould
Fresh smelling scent

Directions for use:

Spray Cabin Care onto the desired area (spray onto a clean cloth and wipe if using over electronics)
Leave it to dwell for a short period
Wipe clean using a clean, dry microfibre cloth

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