Review of Angelwax DARK FADER

DARK FADER is an excellent investment for maintaining and protecting your vehicle's trim. Here are the instructions for use

Review of Angelwax DARK FADER

Angelwax DARK FADER is a remarkable product, offering long-lasting ceramic protection for vinyl and plastic surfaces through its clever formula. The inclusion of ceramic within the trim dressing enhances durability, making treated surfaces more resistant to fading, cracking, and discolouration caused by UV rays, harsh weather, and environmental contaminants.

DARK FADER penetrates deeply into the pores of plastic and vinyl surfaces, restoring their depth and colour from within, rejuvenating aged and weathered trim. It creates a hydrophobic barrier on treated surfaces, repelling water, dirt, and grime, thus simplifying cleaning and maintenance while ensuring the trim remains cleaner for longer.

A built-in UV inhibitor prevents trim from becoming damaged and faded by strong sunlight, helping to preserve the appearance of the trim and prolong its lifespan.

At £42.00 for a 50ml bottle, DARK FADER is an excellent investment for maintaining and protecting your vehicle’s trim. Here are the instructions for use:

1.Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle, ensuring all areas are free from surface contamination.
2. Ensure all surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch.
3. Prepare the surface for coating by eliminating any lingering residues like waxes, silicones, or sealants using an appropriate degreaser, such as Angelwax REVENGE.
4. Add the required amount of DARK FADER to a microfibre applicator pad and apply to the plastic/vinyl. Allow the coating to cure for approximately 5 minutes before buffing the surface to a finish.
5. Wait for one to two hours for the curing process to complete before using the vehicle.
6. Do not apply DARK FADER in strong sunlight.

DARK FADER is another outstanding product in the impressive Angelwax lineup. This budget-friendly, semi-permanent coating provides excellent environmental protection by forming a transparent, hydrophobic barrier on treated surfaces.

As a fantastic trim restorer, DARK FADER helps maintain good-looking trim for months ahead. The easy-to-apply coating restores faded pieces and leaves a low-gloss finish that looks new. This product is not just for faded trim; it’s also a great choice for brand-new vehicles. It’s easier to keep your trim looking good if you never let it fade in the first place. Once DARK FADER is applied, your plastic and trim will bead water as nicely as your paint.

In my experience, the difference after applying DARK FADER is dramatic. On a relatively new vehicle, the trim already looked fine, but after applying DARK FADER to half of the area, the treated surface became truly black, making the original trim look almost grey in comparison. After coating the rest of the plastic, it looked incredible, with a natural sheen that wasn’t glossy or fake-looking. DARK FADER will help preserve this plastic trim for an extended period by providing a hydrophobic surface that resists water and dirt better than untreated areas.

DARK FADER is incredibly easy to use. Simply clean the surface thoroughly, ensuring no dirt, residual polish, cleaner, or oils remain. Wipe DARK FADER onto the surface using the supplied small suede cloth. After the coating has flashed (flash times vary depending on ambient conditions), wipe away with a clean microfiber or larger suede cloth until the excess coating is removed. Sometimes, when applying to trim, you may notice the coating has dried and only needs a very light wipe down to ensure there are no heavier spots. It is that easy!

DARK FADER has become my go-to product for trim protection, delivering fantastic results every time!

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