Duel Autocare Snow Foam Lance

new snow foam lance

Key features of the Duel Snow Foam Lance

Introducing the incredible Duel Foam Lance, the perfect weapon for applying all of your snow foam, pre-wash products and lance sealants like FLEX.

They are designed and manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel nozzle and valve stem with a chemical resistant 1 Litre, wide-bottomed bottles.

The Duel Foam Lance is complete with a quick-release connection as standard, don’t have a quick release set up? We also have a full range of quick release fittings to suit just about all pressure washers! Simply select your chosen fitting from the drop-down menu. A fully adjustable nozzle body and top dial create the ultimate foam spray pattern and thickness.

A wide bottom, free-standing Duel branded bottle completes the lance. It can hold a litre of product giving you ample capacity to complete multiple vehicles. Spare bottles and lids are also available.

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